Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Im doing great mom! I love it here, makes me sad to think time is coming to an end, but still got a good chunk left, so gotta keep working hard! 

Lets see what happened this week. Dolores is a good area really good potential, its progressing little by little. Working hard to always be finding new people to teach and give seguimiento with those we have found.

 So we went back to Santa Elena for the results of my companion and she had dengue, But she is a lot better now we were able to work this whole week. ON friday morning we had a meeting with Elder Alonso a 70, its always cool to hear him speak, he has such a spirit and learned some good things to put into practice to be a better missionary. 

A little bit of everything happened this week. Found out the nephew of our recent convert passed away he was only 2 years old. Its sad how it happened, the baby had a super high fever, someone advised to give him shots (but it wasn't a doctor) so the parents injected the child, but it wasn't the correct dosage it was for a bigger kid, and the baby went purple brought him to the hospital to help him, got better for a bit but then passed away, couldn't handle it. It was really sad to hear, and our convert is taking it really hard! Its kind of worrying me, so we are trying to help her all that we can. 

On saturday we got invited to a party for a baby's birthday, had tamales, a big slice of cake and manjar (like gelatin) it was really good, and i was sooo full! On Sunday we had our big first stake conference in san benito! organizing and sustaining all the presidencies, it was super cool, now san benito is a stake!! woohoooo!!!! So exciting, and that day the church was packed! up until the point that people had to hear outside, it was awesome! as a branch of Dolores we brought 45 people, which is pretty good! 

So it has been a good week! Oh yeah! so last night we had to travel to San Benito again to stay with the sisters because today we traveled to coban. We got to the bus stop at 6:45, no bus was coming by to flores, and we were there for an hour waiting, we started panicking, because we needed to travel that night because we would be leaving to coban at 3 the following morning. We were praying our hearts out, asking advice from our branch president, he came out to help us. We moved from the stop to go to the main road, just in case to see if they were just passing straight through and not going into the pueblo. We waited a little bit more, and a bus passed by! and we got on! Heavenly father answered our prayers and our panic went away. I was worried i was going to have to call the zls and actually tell them we didn't get on the bus, but thankfully we didn't have to! 
So very grateful for prayer, and Heavenly Father listening to them. Such a blessing!
Had interviews with president and hermana curtiss, things are going great and love talking with them!
hna curtiss says we have a beautful family. I gave her one of the postcards from mn saying thanks and gave her one of the mocassin keychains she loved it, and i gave president a bag of mn bear poop and the card that says minneskeeta we bit ya you betch ya, he got a good laugh out of it and loved it as well. They say thanks for sending me the package :)

Yes I am making good friends here. Love the mission, and as far as my birthday and christmas, well I dont really want a whole lot because I will be going home soon and dont want to have to bring more things home, I was thinking of something small, and that maybe you could send money so that i can buy recuerdos :)
I will keep you posted on what I want


Hey Mom!!!

Wow! Alex going on a mission! I cant believe it!! How long is he going to be in the MTC?
it just amazes me all that has happened I cant believe it! Im going to miss him a lot! Hey guess what? you will actually be able to skype him! lucky duck Im jealous, but hey its okay, i will be home before I know it! (because the time goes faster for me than it does for you haha)

Okay So i am going to share what happened this week because it was crazy!

We have an investigator named Sandra she is a really good investigator. She had a baptismal date for Saturday we have prayed and fasted for her and this past week we visited her every single day to teach her the lessons she needs to know. When the baptismal date came closer she had to go away with her husband to visit her Father in Law who was sick and because of that she wasn't able to be baptized. We were saddened because we had been helping her get ready to come to Christ. That afternoon I talked with president and told him and hermana curtiss and they said not to worry about it, we did EVERYTHING and all that we could. Later that afternoon i was pondering on all that had happened and was trying to understand and this is what came to my mind. That all of this was a test of faith, to show if we really had faith. I know that she will get baptized when the time is right.

On wednesday we did divisions in San Luis, it was a rainy day, got soaked hard core, we visited a lady and we made chepes de Chipilin an herb they are like tamales but smaller. 

On Thursday we got to go to district meeting and I find my companion super sick, with a fever and pain in all her body (she had this before and now it was repeating) so we missed district meeting and i took her home. We didnt go out that day to work, today we traveled to San Benito because my companion had to go to the clinic to get tests, turns out she has dengue. And now we get to enjoy our pday here! Man quite the week, divisions, then playing nurse then going through a whirlwind with our investigator. Love the mission life! haha

Well I hope things are going wlel for you and your work! I LOVE YOU SO MUCHH MOMMY!!!!!!

hermana riley

ps did i tell you i love you


We are kicking it here in Dolores! I love it here and i really hope i finish my mission here! I dont want to go anywhere else, tired of packing my stuff haha. 
This past week, we found some more good people! But the best part of the week was the weekend! On saturday night we visited our fecha hna sandra. we have been visiting her everyday now, really trying to prepare her for baptism for this saturdya but struggling a bit. But that night her husband was there and stayed for our lesson (he is usually never around) we shared a video about the apostasy afterwards he shared with us that he felt something in his chest. And we could feel the spirit strongly, we invited him to close with a prayer and he did it! I couldnt hear what he said because his voice was quiet but i just heard his wife sobbing and crying, i want to know what he said! oh well. It was a great night! (oh yeah he invited us to his humble dinner as well) a plate with a serving of eggs and fresh cheese that they had just received and tortilla it was good! We invited him to church as well and said he would go, and he went!! :) There was a primary presentation and his daughter participated as well. It turned out super cute, and the assistance of the branch was 63!! My goal was to get it up to 50! woohoo! (the presentation helped) But now to have that number consistently for 3 months so that we can have a real capilla built! 

It was a great week and weekend. Today for pday we went to a place called ixcun, which was a center of the mayas where they did sacrifices it was a 2 hour walk! im so tired now! but it was cool!

I love you so much mommy!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great wekk! Take care!!!!!

Hermana riley


FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MOMMY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Glad you had a great sunday and I hope you have a great Tuesday!!!many birthday wishes for you! hope my card comes soon!
Okay so about my week!
As you know, had Council mtg in Coban, that was really uplifting and inspiring!
I will share the few special things that happened this week. So i feel like as of lately I have been tortillando a lot (making tortillas) i am now a pro and ready to make a tortilleria in the states and make bank! haha jk
On Friday we had a special zone meeting, the spirit was super strong. Me and my companion gave a lesson on repentance and it turned out well.
That evening we found a girl named adela. She is so special. She loved our visit and accepted the Book of Mormon and accepted the invitation to baptism, she said that she wants to do it. That she wants to serve the lord. she doesnt go to any church. She has a family, and we met her husband at the end he seems nice too. That was another special experience of the week. On saturday morning we helped an investigator make tortillas and she had us for lunch as well, the food was tastey, it was chicken and papas in a style of caldo, but super good!
But this has been a really good week! Had changes, and i am staying in dolores with my companion, this change will be 7 weeks instead of 6. Got a lot of work to do. But i am super pumped!
I love you guys so much!
I hope you have agreat birthday mom and a great week!
hermana riley


Okay so about my week! It was a good week:
we are really working hard here in Dolores, we are finding lots of REALLY GOOD people! We have a fecha with an investigator named Sandra,
We also have been finding good families, and we hope they can progress. For conference on Sunday we had 3 investigators come which was a plus! Conference was really good, got some spiritual insights, and it was cool to hear the new apostles! This past week we also did divisions with the libertad and that was a lot of traveling, from Dolores we had to take a bus to santa elena which is an hour and forty minute ride, then in santa elena we had to get off and hop on another bus to the Libertad which is like 45 minutes away and all of that on the way back, so it was tiring. But im like a travel expert now haha I think I can give you a tour of your own Country Mom hahaha
Also last night we left dolores to go to santa elena and we stayed the night because this morning we went to Coban! left at 3:30 in morning, hurray for more traveling!!!
We made it to coban safe and sound! Didn't get car sick this time And got to do lots of stuff today for pday, now later going to see some people that i know smile emoticon And going to open my package tonight! THANKS AGAIN! when i got it i started singing navidad navidad hoy es navidad es un dia de alegria y felicidad hahah Cant wait!
Really trying to finish hard! And the Lord is helping me a lot. Feeling more diligent and trying to better myself everyday! Super greatful for the atonement and to be able to apply it in my life, thats really how im ever going to be able to progress.
Well I love you family!!!!!
ps. Made some birthday cards so I will be sending those to you guys while i am here! love ya!


My lovely Mother!!! Oh how I Love you so!
Okay so first of all SHOUT OUT TO CADEN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIZ CUMPLEANOS BUBBAH! I LOVE YOU!!! 😘 AAAAHHHHHH another teenager in the house, no more little kids! (how does that make you feel mom?) 13!!!! woohooo (hey guess what!? i completed 13 months yesterday we are pretty much the same!!!! hahaha so i celebrated for you caden haha)
okay now for the bad news, my memory card got a virus so i lost my fotos from these 2 months frown emoticon so ive been praying that they can be recovered so I brought them to a place, so pray for that please! I want my fotos back!
Wow I'm so proud of my bro! THAT'S MY QUINNIE I knew he would love it there! What a true gentleman (all the girls are going to go for him hahaha) watch out!
Okay so last week was a whirwind of a week and let me explain.
Last monday my companion and I traveled to a place called santa ana (like an hour and 15 minutes away) We had to help an investigator get all his legal documentation so that he could get married and subsequently get baptized, the process became complicated because the person had a previous record and because of that they were not releasing the documents needed for his marriage license, we then decided to consult a lawyer that I know in the city of san benito (imagine me and my companion 19 yr olds helping someone who is twice our age get his ducks in row so that he can live the gospel) Anyhow the lawyer ended up helping us and in addition to that he told us that he would do the ceremony for free and all we would have to pay was the trip (which is cheaper than paying a lawyer in Dolores) So we made the agreement. We had to do several trips back and forth to coordinate everything and finally on Saturday morning we traveled with the family to san benito (almost a 2 hour drive) AND saw this couple get married! hurrah! We went to the lake to take some fotos, and then we traveled back to dolores, we ate lunch and then we gathered some of the members up because we were going to poptun for the baptism! And it was a success! the wife got baptized and it was a sweet feeling that I can't describe.
It was a crazy

week! And there was sooooooo much traveling. On Thursday night we traveled to san benito because on Friday we had the sisters conference, which was a hit!!!! super awesome) And now im feeling the effects in my rear end and tail bone. I feel like an old lady now. The more time one has on the mission the more tired and worn out one is haha. So that was my whirlwind of a week.
Now get this mom: you'll be so proud of me....this morning I spent 3 hours washing my clothes (we always hire somebody to do our laundry but right now we don't have any one who washes for us) and I still have some clothes left to do. But Holy Cow! I washed a towel, that is a WORK OUT! It weighs a ton when is wet! But I love pilas (big sinks) I enjoy washing my clothes like that, even though it takes a milenia to get the job done but it builds good muscles.
I Hope things are going well for you guys! Im always praying for my fam!
Exitos en su trabajo mama!
ps can you send me the recipe for potato salad, an hermana wants it.
anyways loveyou all!!!!!!!!!
take care!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


My Brother is going on a Mission!!! THAT IS SOOOOOOO EXCITING!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! STATE SIDE! WAAAHHHHH!!!! Im in shock, i think everyone in this internet cafe thinks I'm crazy because I keep yelling haha! And my other brother Quinny in college, that's my boy!!! *sniffle, sniffle* wow my fam is growing up! I can't believe Alex is leaving in October, noooooooooooooooooooo! I wanted to see him before he lefT (but I knew that was going to happen so I was preparing myself) The Lord helps me a lot! wow one month! That's crazy, I got a lot of tips for that boy, I wish so badly to be there to help him, but I guess I will have to do it from here.
Do I have a story to tell you mom!!! Dont freak out!! I AM all safe and sound....Here it goes>>
As you know last weekend were the elections here in Guatemala, WELL...the day after the elections EVERYTHING went down hill from there....... (here in Peten) it all started on Monday when we had our p-day in Poptun, at the end of the day we had finished our shopping and boarded a bus to take us home, as we were heading home we came to a stop because there was a blockage on the road and there was something burning up ahead, it turns out it was a protest!!! but not a simple protest it actually was a RIOT, the people from the nearby villages were not happy on who won for the local election for Mayor so they all heade out to the streets to protest, they were burning tires on the middle of the roas and they were not letting ANYONE through, the passengers left the buses and started walking but to no avail they were not able to get around the riot, even people with children tried but nope they were not allowed to go through. IT WAS CRAZY! So it started getting darker and I stuck out my head from the bus, and me being daring (got it from you mom) I took a video and picture (the video didn't last long) but I was sneaky without flash. Like five minutes later I see a truck ramming through the mob, pushing its way through and that only got the mob more riled up so they started to hit the truck with anything they could find, sticks, rocks etc and were yelling, when I see the truck pass through.. revving it's engine and speeding away! It was like someone irritating a beehive and they all got crazy, running after it, I got scared because they came towards us, and I thought they were going to beat us and smash the windows, so I got into the bus, the driver closed the windows and the doors and turned off the lights and I started praying FRANTICALLY!! so that we would be protected. Meanwhile I was talking to my District Leader (over cell phone) and he was going to come get us with the Branch President because the bus couldn't move forward or backwards. After a while the bus was able to move slowly and I told the Elders to not come because it was too dangerous. Finally the bus made it out and we had to return to Poptun (where we had been) The Elders decided to come looking for us and found the bus and were behind us and we got saved, we switched over to the car. and we ended up staying over night with the other Sisters. It was a crazy experience! But I'm alright and now back in Dolores, it was just for that night. This weekend we had a multi zone conference and I learned a lot, it was really spiritual. Burning fire here in Dolores with my companion.
I'm so excited for all the good things that are happening!
I pray for you guys all the time and know that the lord is blessing you guy greatly
HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!! THATS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were in Guatemala!! like 12 hours away from me!!! (driving wise) I cant believe you went on a day trip to guatemala!! That is sooo exciting! But thats so awesome.
I LOVE my new area!! Yeah it is pretty remote, but the house is sooo pretty! I need to send a picture, but i forgot to take one, its a legit house, has a kitchen, living room, a bedroom and two baths , and a room with a big pila to wash clothes, its really pretty. I will send pics next week to show you smile emoticon I have everything i need, and i got my connections to get the stuff i need if i am desperate. Thats awesome that you got to see the video haha, Ive wanted to send a video but i dont know how because it ends up being to big to send, but i will see. I made one but from mothers day haha.
My companions name is hermana Escobar she is from panama (so dont worry I am speaking spanish) and hey! como sabe si mi gramatica es mala, no creo que es tanto, tongue emoticon creo que se equivoco con mi gramatica de ingles eso si es malo haha
Voy a salir de aqui olvidando ingles y voy a tener accento guatemalteca hahaha nah es broma pero talvez si voy a olvidar ingles....
This week has been great, there is a lot of potential here in dolores, but the branch is small, that will need a lot of work and mostly with the members because they dont practice the charity here, they like to gossip and back talk about others and just say things that arent true, which is hard because thats how so many are less active and its really hard to change a person. So I have been really praying to receive direction in the most effective way to work and gain success in this area to increase the branch and so the thought came to me to read jacob 5 so ive been studying that and have been receiving ideas. The most that this branch has for assistance is 25 that was recent, but this sunday that just happened, there was 12 and thats including us 4 missionaries and the branch president, so if you do your math only 5 members came.... thats really sad. (It was also day of elections Speaking of elections, mom were you watching the news, keeping track? It was actually really calm yesterday in dolores, but we also stayed away from the center, so thats why, otherwise in the center there were crowds and crowds of people voting. But today it was a little bit more noisy with fire crackers and they actaully blocked the main street. That made it harder to get to poptun (thats where we go for pday) but we made it, and today we played soccer
So that was my week, looks like there might be a baptism this week, but we have to get papers fixed because the lady needs to get married first but she is pilas and her husband is less active, so killing two birds with one stone i hope haha. her name is marisol.
I love you guys very much, trying to kick it into high gear and working on being obedient with exactness for these few months that are left :,(
I love you guys sooooo much! I hope you have a wonderful week! And hope everthing goes well in your work mommy, and pops.
Hermana Riley

Im doing good, I am Healthy for the most part hahah and well my hands are just there haha I dont really know if they are getting better or not. About the spanish, no i don't speak it with her (oops)
The political stuff hasn't really affected us here in Peten but we have been given precaution and told us to be on our toes and prepared, the other day there was a parade for a political party but otherwise that is it. We will see what happens this weeked.
But Hey GUESS WHAT?! So this week we have changes AND I GOT CHANGED!!! I have only been here in Santa Elena for 6 weeks! frown emoticon It makes me sad a little bit frustrated but its okay the Lord has a plan for me and I have been doing my best just to Follow his will and be humble, and so far its been working out for me, when one does that its a lot easier for them to have the peace and strength one needs to move on and get through the change.
Im staying in Peten! Im going to Dolores (president is now putting another pair of sister trainer leaders in peten, i will be training another sister, Hna Andersen is staying in Santa Elena, and my hija hna perez will be her companion, she is moving up! So proud of her, she is pilas! :D) So I will be like 2 hours away from the center. President wants me closer to the other sisters that are down there. we'll see what happens, I might end there in dolores, but one never knows! Im excited smile emoticon I atleast got to finish this change with a BAPTISM! grin emoticon His name is Jose Luis he is 19 and he is so prepared, one day he will serve a mission smile emoticon Such a great kid!
And now i have to share the spiritual message of the week. Okay So on saturday we went to the biggest one year old birthday party i have ever been to, there was a baptism yippee!! but thats not it. So after the baptism my companion was really wanting this type of cookie called champuradas, she has been craving them for a bit she really wanted one that night so we were looking for a panaderia (bakery) but it was already late so they were all closed and there was nothing, so went home a little down but not without finishing the day with a Sarita (the icecream store in guatemala, speaking of, there are new flavors! atol de alote (Corn) its sooo gross tongue emoticonarroz con leche(Rice pudding) and caramelo (caramel with nuts) So we got home finishing our icecream, sat down at our desks and all of a sudden the daughter of our dueño (Landlord) comes (like 30 years old) ansmile emoticon

d guess what she has in her hands?! A BOX OF CHAMPURADAS! We were so surprised, literally Heavenly Father was listening to the desires of my companion and blessed us. And it wasn't the biggest thing in the world we would have been fine until we found them, but the Lord blesses us in mysterious ways and in the right moment, we shared that story with the lady and even she recognized it was Heavenly Father. It was soooo awesome! Thats why i call them our miracle cookies, because that was a miracle. Im really trying to notice the little things that heavenly father does for us. And I am so greatful for Him, I LOVE the mission! It is the best! Its a great learning experience
Well Have a great week! Feliz cumpleaños a mi prima Genesis!!! darla un abrazo de mi parte
mwah hug hug kiss kiss


Okay so the highlights of my week!
On Wednesday we had a conference about health and the doctor for all the Central American missions came up to Peten, and he gave us a lecture (our mission is the number one most sick mission, we top everyone with parasite problems.....haha) And after the conference, the missionaries had a chance to have a one on one with him about any problems so I went to him with my hand problems. Then guess what?! On Saturday we had a mission conference with Elder Russell M Nelson and the are 70 Elder Duncan with all the missions in Centro America, it was a broadcast, I went into it fasting, and got a lot of council and answers to my prayers! it was so cool to see an apostle, too bad he didn't come to Guatemala, shucks. But oh well, this is better than anything, because how many times does an Apostle come down here, not too often, so it was awesome! My district had to go down to poptun to the conference, which is like a 2 hour drive from here. Also this past weekend, we put a fecha with our investigator Jose Luis and will be getting baptized this Saturday!!!! Woohoo a baptism, after 5 months! this is super exciting, this area is prepared and there are a lot of good potentials, we found 18 new people to teach, and within that 3 new families. I love Santa Elena, it's the best! So this week i made my one year mark!! wookoo!!! And I celebrated by doing divisions with the Sisters from Flores, and at night with my companion, she made me a card and got me a pinata (which i always wanted) and we got licuados, it was a really good night!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone, SUPER FAST! i don't even feel it, now only 6 months left and got to turn on the turbo boosts to finish strong until the very last nano second.
I can't believe someones robbing our house! NOT COOL! I will for sure pray for you guys, better be more cautious and secure with the stuff family!!
So proud of you mama on your tests, keep it up!!!!
So just found out it is 102 degrees here, wow cant believe it! I guess im just getting used to it, but the sun is blistering. Today for pday, we had a slip n slide (my idea) it was so fun, although it may have been a teensy bit dangerous, hit my head once, but i am all good, we also played with water balloons, and we had a picnic ( we just ordered pizza and had chips and a drink) it was a really fun day, especially in the heat.
Well so far i am survivng the mosquitos, keep praying for me I will make it out here alive from the chikungunya!
hermana riley

Thursday, November 5, 2015

1 YEAR MOM!!!!! I am a survivor!! haha
now its really down hill from here, I'm actually scared, the time is speeding by unsure emoticon
I am doing great! I'm feeling wonderful!
I'm healthy, strong, and sweaty hahaha
okay let me tell you about the highlights of my week
so on tuesday we found this evengelical lady, she was pretty good and listened to us, at the end of the lesson we asked her to give the closing prayer. She started praying, she was speaking very loud, I took us by surprise, I opened my eye and saw that she had one hand up and the other touching the head of the member accompanying us, I was like oh no, she is going down the line, she kept praying and said some funky words I didn't understand and then she came to me! I was actually scared, she placed her hand on my head and then started shaking it! i said a prayer in my heart " Heavenly Father please protect me!" this lady was crazy and i was a tad scared hahah it was an interesting experience, okay on Wdnesday we had a skype meeting with President and we talked about some issues in Peten about health and obedience and what we can do to improve the sickness, so that was interesting. On Thursday we had divisions and i stayed in my area with hna. caudillo and at night a member invited us for dinner, which was good so that i could gain confidence with them ( they had already known hna caudillo for that reason they invited us over, so it was my ticket in smile emoticon )
Okay on friday, we have this investigator and his name is Jose Luis, he is progressing and wants to get baptized, just has been waiting for a response about Joseph Smith whether he was a prophet, so for this lesson that night we decided to watch the full length version of the Joseph Smith movie, wow I could really feel the spirit and at the end he told us that he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet it was super cool, he is awesome and a really good kid! Also that day while proselyting we found this guy and he had a guitar so we started talking to him and he sang a song for us that he was preparing for his church service, he had a good voice! I've never been sang to before hahaha On saturday there was a baptism of the sisters in santa elena that we went to ( i have taken part in the teaching when i did divisions with them, so it was cool to see the lady get baptized, her name is rosalydia)
On Sunday we did everything to bring our investigators but no one came, not even our pilas jose luis because he slept in frown emoticon so i was a little bit bummed, when in gospel principles class we see a couple and we didnt know who was teaching them, when we asked we found out they live in our area! we had tried to visit them before but we never found them or they were too busy, we didnt even recognize them but it was a miracle because they came on their own will. Oh yeah! and during the day we went back to that evangelical Lady's house and her brother was there, they invited us and listened to us but it was really hard to teach because they were always talking trying to prove their knowledge about the bible, so it was hard getting words out, but we managed somehow, and at the end we were going to close with a prayer this time we did not ask them to do it haha so I offered a prayer but its kind of frustrating praying with evangelicos because they pray at the same time as you so they cant hear you pray and its like your praying to a wall..... so because of that I stopped saying the prayer in spanish and said the prayer in english because they couldnt hear me anyways but I ended in spanish, it was super funny, they didn't even notice. We are going to have to teach them about prayer next time....
So today for pday, me and my companion woke up early with some other missionaries to jog to flores to see the sunrise, it was super pretty!!! and today we went to petencito, a zoo, i will send those fotos next week!
but it was a good day today and an interesting week.
take care, and keep going strong in the gospel!
(good luck on your work mom!)

Not much time left!


August 13th
This week in Peten:
We went to Poptun to have a zone meeting then one of the sisters got super sick and ended up going to the clinic and on Friday morning we went to go visit her and then after that we went to work! Later on the Zone Leaders called us and asked us to go back to visit the sister missionary who was ill so that we could do splits I stayed with her at the clinic and my companion went to work with her companion this happened on Saturday I ended up staying all afternoon with her, even though the situation wasn't good for her we still manage to have a good time, we talked a lot and we got to know each other more, the time passed by somewhat fast! I feel bad for this sister, this is the second time that she has been admitted to the clinic.
There is one being that has become the enemy of the missionaries here in coban (yeah we know already the adversary is the main culprit) and he is sending as part of his army a tiny little thing called (zancudos) mosquitoes. More and more missionaries are falling ill with Dengue (which is aweful) and CHIKUNGUNYA also know as (the breakbone fever) this makes you feel even worse than Dengue and the symptoms can last for months. A lot of our fellow missionaries are getting sick including the members. Mom, I ALWAYS put repelent on and I am always reapplying I really don't want to get chikungunya, it's aweful but unfortunately repellent is not 100% effective. I only 6 months and I want to be healthy to continue to work hard, this is the Lord's time please pray for us so that we don't get this dreaded disease.
On sunday as you know we had a District Conference and I was so happy to see a lot of people I knew, it was the BEST!! Especially Amanda and Jorge, and a bunch of liittle kids I knew, swarmed toward me and gave me hugs! it was the best day ever. Presidente and Hermana Curtiss talked and Elder Morales a seventy. AND! the best part yet, President invited us to have breakfast with him, it was us and the Zone Leaders, it was the best, that was this morning, I have a pic, but that will have to wait until next week. It was a good week, found lots of new investigators and have really good potentials. Oh yeah also did divisions with the San Benito sisters, so it was cool to work in the old area again, woot!!
Things are going well here, one thing I should start applying is sunblock, I'm getting super tanner than you mom, i believe haha
So you wanted to know what we eat for breakfast and dinner?
For breakfast it is something simple like yogurt, cereal, fruit, jello stuff like that, for dinner, just water or maybe chips or granola bars, it's never a lot, or if peole gift us stuff. Right now for lunch we have been eating in Comedors but we have asked a member to make lunch for us. so we will start with her now. I actually don't eat a lot of beans, crazy right?
Well that's what's going on right now, I love you guys so much!!!!
Hermana Riley

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Hello! I am writing from Coban City we had to come to the  Leader's Council Meeting. The Zone Leaders, Sister Leaders, Missionary couples travel from their areas to gather at the mission offices in Coban, we left this morning at 3 a.m.  I slept most of the way  but we had a pit stop and we ate a small breakfast I don't know what happened but I got car sick, and I NEVER get car sick,  my companion also got car sick and she never does either, it was weird but we didn't throw up just got queezy. We got here to coban safe and sound!! I feel like I never left (I was just transferred from here last week) Our meeting is tomorrow Tuesday so today it will be a normal p-day for us.

Things I am learning as a missionary:
I now know how to study my scriptures better and dive deep into them, I have found them WAY more interesting its awesome. I have developed better habits and overcoming my weaknesses such as my timing! :) I have learned things that make me want to be a better person when I get home, more friendly, outreaching to everyone, more obedient to the commandments, and being a true member missionary. But the thing that has changed the most is my testimony. It is a lot stronger and firmer now. I truly love the mission and will be one of the things i will never forget in my life and will always be eternally grateful! 

I am deeply grateful for the Atonement I have seen how it has really blessed the people that I have taught and gotten baptized, they are no longer weighed with heavy burdens and just have a brighter light in their lives. Also I have seen the Atonement with some less actives and even members, but some are still in the process :) I have learned a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how to apply it in our daily lives, it's MARVELOUS! Everyone should study it more and understand it and then apply it daily in their lives, its what makes an unfair life seem better, that's a promise. 
So about my week: Everything is going great, I LOVE Peten! But it is sooooo hot there, literally sweating bullets it's crazy, but im getting used to that no biggy.  Last week, we did divisions in three areas, San Luis, Poptun and Dolores. We went to San Luis fisrt, the sisters are opening that area, it's the first time that sisters are going there, it usually has been elders. They have a lot of work to do to organize everything and help the branch out (because its not that strong) but I have faith in my sisters! excited to see their progress. I went to Poptun and my companion went to Dolores, I got to see my hija (Daughter) (they refer to the Greenie Missionaries as Daughters, and the trainers are the Mothers)  Hna. Perez! got to be with her, I'm such a proud mommy, she is such a determined hard worker, she is doing great things in Poptun. When I was there I got to learn some Mayan :D that was cool, we also went with a Q'eqchi family, I was practicing some of what I know (which is very little) and they were speaking to me full out thinking I knew it really well haha I kept telling them only poquito! but it was cool.  The rest of the week we were able to work in our area, things are going well in Santa Elena, we are teaching a lot of great people and excited to find more! 

We walk everywhere EVERYWHERE! but sadly here pedestrians never have the right of way, my companion and I think that we can educate this drivers and will show them that they have to wait for us, (we'll see how that goes) My comp came up with a quote:

Changing Guatemala one street at a time ~ Hna Andersen
I love you guys SUPER much!!!!!!
have a great week
love }
Hermana Riley




During Splits (divisions) spending the night.












My first week back in Peten:
My new companion is Hna. Anderson she is from Utah, (first American companion on the mish!) I'm still a Sister Trainer Leader and yes we will have to travel back to Coban for Leadership council meetings on a regular basis, as a matter of fact we are scheduled to go next Monday but it will be ok Mom don't worry because we will be traveling with the Senior Missionary couple (The Bakes) and they take really good care of us.( MOM HERE: I expressed concerned because as a Sister Leader they have to travel to Coban 6 hour drive on a regular basis for meetings and the roads are not very good) ANYHOW, Hna. Riley continues>>. I LOVE Santa Elena, because I love Peten and we have seen a few members that live in San Benito which has been super exciting because I love San Benito too and yes, it is HOT as Hades! we are sweating bullets everyday here, but it doesn't bother me because I still LOVE Peten, it's my favorite place. There is downside here though....we are surrounded by a beautiful lake and being a swimmer by nature and with this heat it just makes me drool for a swim on that lake but for now I will have to stick with my semi cold showers haha.
And don't worry we only go to eat with hna blanca on Sundays, and with how much I am sweating I will probably get skinnier (fingers crossed hahaha)
We have some really good investigators here, and I am excited to find more! little by little we are getting to know the area more we are both new in the area but the sisters before us left us notes, and we have been pretty successful finding the people they left. During these days we have ran into members from San Benito which has been exciting!
On Saturday we had correlation (meeting with mission leader) as we were walking to the church, there was a whole on the ground my comp tried stepping over it but her skirt restricted her and her foot didn't get a good grip on the ground so she tripped and fell, in front of everyone (it was at a stop light) she was fine, just scraped her hand kind of badly. After our meeting we were heading back, as we were walking there was a man right on the side of the road who decided to go to the bathroom right then and there and my comp made a comment about it and I told her that's not anything new here, and as I was talking to her I see this odd looking woman on my right side she looked like she was crazy (literally) I noticed that on the corner of my eye she was bending down and we kept on walking when we heard the woman yell and one second later I felt something hit my ear, and I realized it was a rock! (she threw a rock at me) I looked at the woman, and she had an angry face and grunted, I was so surprised and I can't believe she hit me, that old lady had good aim! First my companion falls and then I get hit by a rock! It was actually pretty funny but crazy! Then later that day we went to part of our area and there is a detention center! that was scary, we even saw people outside chilling, and that's when i used the phrase "chilling like a villain" it was creepy, needless to say we didn't stay there too long So yeah that day was full of weird stuff.
On Sunday we had church, we had an investigator his name Jose Luis, he is pilas, he will get baptized soon I know it! and then for lunch went to Hna Blancas house to eat, that was amazing, that made my day! I was so happy to see her family! and at night we ate tamales with Fam Rodriquez another family from San Benito, that we would always eat with. it was the BEST DAY EVER!!!
so that was my week,so happy to be here in Peten!, I love you guys soooo much!!!!!!! Take care fam!!
hna riley
P.S. Did I mentioned how happy I am to be in Peten? hahaha




Their Mother recently passed away and
now they were teaching them the
Plan of Salvation






MY SWEET PEQUES (Little ones)



Thursday, July 23, 2015


Okay so do I have stuff to tell you mom!
first of all I will get your questions don't worry, just not in this email because it takes me time to think and I don't have a lot of time HAHAHA.
Okay, news time! So first thing, we have changes this week, and GUESS WHAT?! I GOT CHANGED President called me on Saturday night and told me that I was being transferred, I didnt respond for like a minute, I was in shock and my jaw was opened, i couldn't believe, but he reaffirmed it was true. At the end of the conversation he said that I can pick up my jaw from the floor now, I told him I already did a little bit ago,we had a good laugh. But IM GOING BACK TO PETEN! to Santa Elena right next to San Benito, so I will get to see Hna Blanca again and my converts and do divisions in San Benito, I am super excited for that reason. but i was hoping to have more here in Coban because we have super pilas (awesome) investigators that I know will get baptized soon. I struggled with that, I feel like there were still things for me to do that I didn't finish my work here, or that I may not have done a sufficient job. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father if what I did was what he wanted, and this weekend people were talking to me and talking about planting the seed so that good fruit can grow We are here to teach and share the gospel and I have done that, I have planted the seed here in Coban and did all that I could so that here could progress. Hope to see the fruits of that labor smile emoticon I leave tomorrow for Peten and these past days I have been walking around like a chicken with its head cut off.
Okay so also about my weekend, There is a sister here in my area that I have already mentioned, Hna Estela, well we chatted and she says she knows Papa Chato and Tia Lolita and that my great grandpa is cousins with a family of hers (her dad i think she said) So we are FAMILY grin emoticon I sent a picture of her. She says she talks to lola regularly smile emoticon This was cool, I knew when i came here to Guatemala that I would find family, mira pues!! well that was my exciting news.
I am running out of time but I love you guys!!!!!
love YA!

We visited this museum

My Brothers might get a kick out of this guys name.

Bedtime snack "Pan con jamon"

Estela Alvarez Milian
I found this Sister, we are related!