Wednesday, December 9, 2015


FELIZ CUMPLEANOS MOMMY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Glad you had a great sunday and I hope you have a great Tuesday!!!many birthday wishes for you! hope my card comes soon!
Okay so about my week!
As you know, had Council mtg in Coban, that was really uplifting and inspiring!
I will share the few special things that happened this week. So i feel like as of lately I have been tortillando a lot (making tortillas) i am now a pro and ready to make a tortilleria in the states and make bank! haha jk
On Friday we had a special zone meeting, the spirit was super strong. Me and my companion gave a lesson on repentance and it turned out well.
That evening we found a girl named adela. She is so special. She loved our visit and accepted the Book of Mormon and accepted the invitation to baptism, she said that she wants to do it. That she wants to serve the lord. she doesnt go to any church. She has a family, and we met her husband at the end he seems nice too. That was another special experience of the week. On saturday morning we helped an investigator make tortillas and she had us for lunch as well, the food was tastey, it was chicken and papas in a style of caldo, but super good!
But this has been a really good week! Had changes, and i am staying in dolores with my companion, this change will be 7 weeks instead of 6. Got a lot of work to do. But i am super pumped!
I love you guys so much!
I hope you have agreat birthday mom and a great week!
hermana riley

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