Thursday, November 5, 2015


August 13th
This week in Peten:
We went to Poptun to have a zone meeting then one of the sisters got super sick and ended up going to the clinic and on Friday morning we went to go visit her and then after that we went to work! Later on the Zone Leaders called us and asked us to go back to visit the sister missionary who was ill so that we could do splits I stayed with her at the clinic and my companion went to work with her companion this happened on Saturday I ended up staying all afternoon with her, even though the situation wasn't good for her we still manage to have a good time, we talked a lot and we got to know each other more, the time passed by somewhat fast! I feel bad for this sister, this is the second time that she has been admitted to the clinic.
There is one being that has become the enemy of the missionaries here in coban (yeah we know already the adversary is the main culprit) and he is sending as part of his army a tiny little thing called (zancudos) mosquitoes. More and more missionaries are falling ill with Dengue (which is aweful) and CHIKUNGUNYA also know as (the breakbone fever) this makes you feel even worse than Dengue and the symptoms can last for months. A lot of our fellow missionaries are getting sick including the members. Mom, I ALWAYS put repelent on and I am always reapplying I really don't want to get chikungunya, it's aweful but unfortunately repellent is not 100% effective. I only 6 months and I want to be healthy to continue to work hard, this is the Lord's time please pray for us so that we don't get this dreaded disease.
On sunday as you know we had a District Conference and I was so happy to see a lot of people I knew, it was the BEST!! Especially Amanda and Jorge, and a bunch of liittle kids I knew, swarmed toward me and gave me hugs! it was the best day ever. Presidente and Hermana Curtiss talked and Elder Morales a seventy. AND! the best part yet, President invited us to have breakfast with him, it was us and the Zone Leaders, it was the best, that was this morning, I have a pic, but that will have to wait until next week. It was a good week, found lots of new investigators and have really good potentials. Oh yeah also did divisions with the San Benito sisters, so it was cool to work in the old area again, woot!!
Things are going well here, one thing I should start applying is sunblock, I'm getting super tanner than you mom, i believe haha
So you wanted to know what we eat for breakfast and dinner?
For breakfast it is something simple like yogurt, cereal, fruit, jello stuff like that, for dinner, just water or maybe chips or granola bars, it's never a lot, or if peole gift us stuff. Right now for lunch we have been eating in Comedors but we have asked a member to make lunch for us. so we will start with her now. I actually don't eat a lot of beans, crazy right?
Well that's what's going on right now, I love you guys so much!!!!
Hermana Riley

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