Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Im doing good, I am Healthy for the most part hahah and well my hands are just there haha I dont really know if they are getting better or not. About the spanish, no i don't speak it with her (oops)
The political stuff hasn't really affected us here in Peten but we have been given precaution and told us to be on our toes and prepared, the other day there was a parade for a political party but otherwise that is it. We will see what happens this weeked.
But Hey GUESS WHAT?! So this week we have changes AND I GOT CHANGED!!! I have only been here in Santa Elena for 6 weeks! frown emoticon It makes me sad a little bit frustrated but its okay the Lord has a plan for me and I have been doing my best just to Follow his will and be humble, and so far its been working out for me, when one does that its a lot easier for them to have the peace and strength one needs to move on and get through the change.
Im staying in Peten! Im going to Dolores (president is now putting another pair of sister trainer leaders in peten, i will be training another sister, Hna Andersen is staying in Santa Elena, and my hija hna perez will be her companion, she is moving up! So proud of her, she is pilas! :D) So I will be like 2 hours away from the center. President wants me closer to the other sisters that are down there. we'll see what happens, I might end there in dolores, but one never knows! Im excited smile emoticon I atleast got to finish this change with a BAPTISM! grin emoticon His name is Jose Luis he is 19 and he is so prepared, one day he will serve a mission smile emoticon Such a great kid!
And now i have to share the spiritual message of the week. Okay So on saturday we went to the biggest one year old birthday party i have ever been to, there was a baptism yippee!! but thats not it. So after the baptism my companion was really wanting this type of cookie called champuradas, she has been craving them for a bit she really wanted one that night so we were looking for a panaderia (bakery) but it was already late so they were all closed and there was nothing, so went home a little down but not without finishing the day with a Sarita (the icecream store in guatemala, speaking of, there are new flavors! atol de alote (Corn) its sooo gross tongue emoticonarroz con leche(Rice pudding) and caramelo (caramel with nuts) So we got home finishing our icecream, sat down at our desks and all of a sudden the daughter of our dueño (Landlord) comes (like 30 years old) ansmile emoticon

d guess what she has in her hands?! A BOX OF CHAMPURADAS! We were so surprised, literally Heavenly Father was listening to the desires of my companion and blessed us. And it wasn't the biggest thing in the world we would have been fine until we found them, but the Lord blesses us in mysterious ways and in the right moment, we shared that story with the lady and even she recognized it was Heavenly Father. It was soooo awesome! Thats why i call them our miracle cookies, because that was a miracle. Im really trying to notice the little things that heavenly father does for us. And I am so greatful for Him, I LOVE the mission! It is the best! Its a great learning experience
Well Have a great week! Feliz cumpleaños a mi prima Genesis!!! darla un abrazo de mi parte
mwah hug hug kiss kiss

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