Wednesday, December 9, 2015


My lovely Mother!!! Oh how I Love you so!
Okay so first of all SHOUT OUT TO CADEN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FELIZ CUMPLEANOS BUBBAH! I LOVE YOU!!! 😘 AAAAHHHHHH another teenager in the house, no more little kids! (how does that make you feel mom?) 13!!!! woohooo (hey guess what!? i completed 13 months yesterday we are pretty much the same!!!! hahaha so i celebrated for you caden haha)
okay now for the bad news, my memory card got a virus so i lost my fotos from these 2 months frown emoticon so ive been praying that they can be recovered so I brought them to a place, so pray for that please! I want my fotos back!
Wow I'm so proud of my bro! THAT'S MY QUINNIE I knew he would love it there! What a true gentleman (all the girls are going to go for him hahaha) watch out!
Okay so last week was a whirwind of a week and let me explain.
Last monday my companion and I traveled to a place called santa ana (like an hour and 15 minutes away) We had to help an investigator get all his legal documentation so that he could get married and subsequently get baptized, the process became complicated because the person had a previous record and because of that they were not releasing the documents needed for his marriage license, we then decided to consult a lawyer that I know in the city of san benito (imagine me and my companion 19 yr olds helping someone who is twice our age get his ducks in row so that he can live the gospel) Anyhow the lawyer ended up helping us and in addition to that he told us that he would do the ceremony for free and all we would have to pay was the trip (which is cheaper than paying a lawyer in Dolores) So we made the agreement. We had to do several trips back and forth to coordinate everything and finally on Saturday morning we traveled with the family to san benito (almost a 2 hour drive) AND saw this couple get married! hurrah! We went to the lake to take some fotos, and then we traveled back to dolores, we ate lunch and then we gathered some of the members up because we were going to poptun for the baptism! And it was a success! the wife got baptized and it was a sweet feeling that I can't describe.
It was a crazy

week! And there was sooooooo much traveling. On Thursday night we traveled to san benito because on Friday we had the sisters conference, which was a hit!!!! super awesome) And now im feeling the effects in my rear end and tail bone. I feel like an old lady now. The more time one has on the mission the more tired and worn out one is haha. So that was my whirlwind of a week.
Now get this mom: you'll be so proud of me....this morning I spent 3 hours washing my clothes (we always hire somebody to do our laundry but right now we don't have any one who washes for us) and I still have some clothes left to do. But Holy Cow! I washed a towel, that is a WORK OUT! It weighs a ton when is wet! But I love pilas (big sinks) I enjoy washing my clothes like that, even though it takes a milenia to get the job done but it builds good muscles.
I Hope things are going well for you guys! Im always praying for my fam!
Exitos en su trabajo mama!
ps can you send me the recipe for potato salad, an hermana wants it.
anyways loveyou all!!!!!!!!!
take care!

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