Tuesday, December 8, 2015


My Brother is going on a Mission!!! THAT IS SOOOOOOO EXCITING!!! I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! STATE SIDE! WAAAHHHHH!!!! Im in shock, i think everyone in this internet cafe thinks I'm crazy because I keep yelling haha! And my other brother Quinny in college, that's my boy!!! *sniffle, sniffle* wow my fam is growing up! I can't believe Alex is leaving in October, noooooooooooooooooooo! I wanted to see him before he lefT (but I knew that was going to happen so I was preparing myself) The Lord helps me a lot! wow one month! That's crazy, I got a lot of tips for that boy, I wish so badly to be there to help him, but I guess I will have to do it from here.
Do I have a story to tell you mom!!! Dont freak out!! I AM all safe and sound....Here it goes>>
As you know last weekend were the elections here in Guatemala, WELL...the day after the elections EVERYTHING went down hill from there....... (here in Peten) it all started on Monday when we had our p-day in Poptun, at the end of the day we had finished our shopping and boarded a bus to take us home, as we were heading home we came to a stop because there was a blockage on the road and there was something burning up ahead, it turns out it was a protest!!! but not a simple protest it actually was a RIOT, the people from the nearby villages were not happy on who won for the local election for Mayor so they all heade out to the streets to protest, they were burning tires on the middle of the roas and they were not letting ANYONE through, the passengers left the buses and started walking but to no avail they were not able to get around the riot, even people with children tried but nope they were not allowed to go through. IT WAS CRAZY! So it started getting darker and I stuck out my head from the bus, and me being daring (got it from you mom) I took a video and picture (the video didn't last long) but I was sneaky without flash. Like five minutes later I see a truck ramming through the mob, pushing its way through and that only got the mob more riled up so they started to hit the truck with anything they could find, sticks, rocks etc and were yelling, when I see the truck pass through.. revving it's engine and speeding away! It was like someone irritating a beehive and they all got crazy, running after it, I got scared because they came towards us, and I thought they were going to beat us and smash the windows, so I got into the bus, the driver closed the windows and the doors and turned off the lights and I started praying FRANTICALLY!! so that we would be protected. Meanwhile I was talking to my District Leader (over cell phone) and he was going to come get us with the Branch President because the bus couldn't move forward or backwards. After a while the bus was able to move slowly and I told the Elders to not come because it was too dangerous. Finally the bus made it out and we had to return to Poptun (where we had been) The Elders decided to come looking for us and found the bus and were behind us and we got saved, we switched over to the car. and we ended up staying over night with the other Sisters. It was a crazy experience! But I'm alright and now back in Dolores, it was just for that night. This weekend we had a multi zone conference and I learned a lot, it was really spiritual. Burning fire here in Dolores with my companion.
I'm so excited for all the good things that are happening!
I pray for you guys all the time and know that the lord is blessing you guy greatly

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