Tuesday, December 8, 2015

HOLY GUACAMOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!! THATS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were in Guatemala!! like 12 hours away from me!!! (driving wise) I cant believe you went on a day trip to guatemala!! That is sooo exciting! But thats so awesome.
I LOVE my new area!! Yeah it is pretty remote, but the house is sooo pretty! I need to send a picture, but i forgot to take one, its a legit house, has a kitchen, living room, a bedroom and two baths , and a room with a big pila to wash clothes, its really pretty. I will send pics next week to show you smile emoticon I have everything i need, and i got my connections to get the stuff i need if i am desperate. Thats awesome that you got to see the video haha, Ive wanted to send a video but i dont know how because it ends up being to big to send, but i will see. I made one but from mothers day haha.
My companions name is hermana Escobar she is from panama (so dont worry I am speaking spanish) and hey! como sabe si mi gramatica es mala, no creo que es tanto, tongue emoticon creo que se equivoco con mi gramatica de ingles eso si es malo haha
Voy a salir de aqui olvidando ingles y voy a tener accento guatemalteca hahaha nah es broma pero talvez si voy a olvidar ingles....
This week has been great, there is a lot of potential here in dolores, but the branch is small, that will need a lot of work and mostly with the members because they dont practice the charity here, they like to gossip and back talk about others and just say things that arent true, which is hard because thats how so many are less active and its really hard to change a person. So I have been really praying to receive direction in the most effective way to work and gain success in this area to increase the branch and so the thought came to me to read jacob 5 so ive been studying that and have been receiving ideas. The most that this branch has for assistance is 25 that was recent, but this sunday that just happened, there was 12 and thats including us 4 missionaries and the branch president, so if you do your math only 5 members came.... thats really sad. (It was also day of elections Speaking of elections, mom were you watching the news, keeping track? It was actually really calm yesterday in dolores, but we also stayed away from the center, so thats why, otherwise in the center there were crowds and crowds of people voting. But today it was a little bit more noisy with fire crackers and they actaully blocked the main street. That made it harder to get to poptun (thats where we go for pday) but we made it, and today we played soccer
So that was my week, looks like there might be a baptism this week, but we have to get papers fixed because the lady needs to get married first but she is pilas and her husband is less active, so killing two birds with one stone i hope haha. her name is marisol.
I love you guys very much, trying to kick it into high gear and working on being obedient with exactness for these few months that are left :,(
I love you guys sooooo much! I hope you have a wonderful week! And hope everthing goes well in your work mommy, and pops.
Hermana Riley

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