Thursday, November 5, 2015

1 YEAR MOM!!!!! I am a survivor!! haha
now its really down hill from here, I'm actually scared, the time is speeding by unsure emoticon
I am doing great! I'm feeling wonderful!
I'm healthy, strong, and sweaty hahaha
okay let me tell you about the highlights of my week
so on tuesday we found this evengelical lady, she was pretty good and listened to us, at the end of the lesson we asked her to give the closing prayer. She started praying, she was speaking very loud, I took us by surprise, I opened my eye and saw that she had one hand up and the other touching the head of the member accompanying us, I was like oh no, she is going down the line, she kept praying and said some funky words I didn't understand and then she came to me! I was actually scared, she placed her hand on my head and then started shaking it! i said a prayer in my heart " Heavenly Father please protect me!" this lady was crazy and i was a tad scared hahah it was an interesting experience, okay on Wdnesday we had a skype meeting with President and we talked about some issues in Peten about health and obedience and what we can do to improve the sickness, so that was interesting. On Thursday we had divisions and i stayed in my area with hna. caudillo and at night a member invited us for dinner, which was good so that i could gain confidence with them ( they had already known hna caudillo for that reason they invited us over, so it was my ticket in smile emoticon )
Okay on friday, we have this investigator and his name is Jose Luis, he is progressing and wants to get baptized, just has been waiting for a response about Joseph Smith whether he was a prophet, so for this lesson that night we decided to watch the full length version of the Joseph Smith movie, wow I could really feel the spirit and at the end he told us that he believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet it was super cool, he is awesome and a really good kid! Also that day while proselyting we found this guy and he had a guitar so we started talking to him and he sang a song for us that he was preparing for his church service, he had a good voice! I've never been sang to before hahaha On saturday there was a baptism of the sisters in santa elena that we went to ( i have taken part in the teaching when i did divisions with them, so it was cool to see the lady get baptized, her name is rosalydia)
On Sunday we did everything to bring our investigators but no one came, not even our pilas jose luis because he slept in frown emoticon so i was a little bit bummed, when in gospel principles class we see a couple and we didnt know who was teaching them, when we asked we found out they live in our area! we had tried to visit them before but we never found them or they were too busy, we didnt even recognize them but it was a miracle because they came on their own will. Oh yeah! and during the day we went back to that evangelical Lady's house and her brother was there, they invited us and listened to us but it was really hard to teach because they were always talking trying to prove their knowledge about the bible, so it was hard getting words out, but we managed somehow, and at the end we were going to close with a prayer this time we did not ask them to do it haha so I offered a prayer but its kind of frustrating praying with evangelicos because they pray at the same time as you so they cant hear you pray and its like your praying to a wall..... so because of that I stopped saying the prayer in spanish and said the prayer in english because they couldnt hear me anyways but I ended in spanish, it was super funny, they didn't even notice. We are going to have to teach them about prayer next time....
So today for pday, me and my companion woke up early with some other missionaries to jog to flores to see the sunrise, it was super pretty!!! and today we went to petencito, a zoo, i will send those fotos next week!
but it was a good day today and an interesting week.
take care, and keep going strong in the gospel!
(good luck on your work mom!)

Not much time left!

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