Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hey Mom!!!

Wow! Alex going on a mission! I cant believe it!! How long is he going to be in the MTC?
it just amazes me all that has happened I cant believe it! Im going to miss him a lot! Hey guess what? you will actually be able to skype him! lucky duck Im jealous, but hey its okay, i will be home before I know it! (because the time goes faster for me than it does for you haha)

Okay So i am going to share what happened this week because it was crazy!

We have an investigator named Sandra she is a really good investigator. She had a baptismal date for Saturday we have prayed and fasted for her and this past week we visited her every single day to teach her the lessons she needs to know. When the baptismal date came closer she had to go away with her husband to visit her Father in Law who was sick and because of that she wasn't able to be baptized. We were saddened because we had been helping her get ready to come to Christ. That afternoon I talked with president and told him and hermana curtiss and they said not to worry about it, we did EVERYTHING and all that we could. Later that afternoon i was pondering on all that had happened and was trying to understand and this is what came to my mind. That all of this was a test of faith, to show if we really had faith. I know that she will get baptized when the time is right.

On wednesday we did divisions in San Luis, it was a rainy day, got soaked hard core, we visited a lady and we made chepes de Chipilin an herb they are like tamales but smaller. 

On Thursday we got to go to district meeting and I find my companion super sick, with a fever and pain in all her body (she had this before and now it was repeating) so we missed district meeting and i took her home. We didnt go out that day to work, today we traveled to San Benito because my companion had to go to the clinic to get tests, turns out she has dengue. And now we get to enjoy our pday here! Man quite the week, divisions, then playing nurse then going through a whirlwind with our investigator. Love the mission life! haha

Well I hope things are going wlel for you and your work! I LOVE YOU SO MUCHH MOMMY!!!!!!

hermana riley

ps did i tell you i love you

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