Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Okay so the highlights of my week!
On Wednesday we had a conference about health and the doctor for all the Central American missions came up to Peten, and he gave us a lecture (our mission is the number one most sick mission, we top everyone with parasite problems.....haha) And after the conference, the missionaries had a chance to have a one on one with him about any problems so I went to him with my hand problems. Then guess what?! On Saturday we had a mission conference with Elder Russell M Nelson and the are 70 Elder Duncan with all the missions in Centro America, it was a broadcast, I went into it fasting, and got a lot of council and answers to my prayers! it was so cool to see an apostle, too bad he didn't come to Guatemala, shucks. But oh well, this is better than anything, because how many times does an Apostle come down here, not too often, so it was awesome! My district had to go down to poptun to the conference, which is like a 2 hour drive from here. Also this past weekend, we put a fecha with our investigator Jose Luis and will be getting baptized this Saturday!!!! Woohoo a baptism, after 5 months! this is super exciting, this area is prepared and there are a lot of good potentials, we found 18 new people to teach, and within that 3 new families. I love Santa Elena, it's the best! So this week i made my one year mark!! wookoo!!! And I celebrated by doing divisions with the Sisters from Flores, and at night with my companion, she made me a card and got me a pinata (which i always wanted) and we got licuados, it was a really good night!! I can't believe how fast the time has gone, SUPER FAST! i don't even feel it, now only 6 months left and got to turn on the turbo boosts to finish strong until the very last nano second.
I can't believe someones robbing our house! NOT COOL! I will for sure pray for you guys, better be more cautious and secure with the stuff family!!
So proud of you mama on your tests, keep it up!!!!
So just found out it is 102 degrees here, wow cant believe it! I guess im just getting used to it, but the sun is blistering. Today for pday, we had a slip n slide (my idea) it was so fun, although it may have been a teensy bit dangerous, hit my head once, but i am all good, we also played with water balloons, and we had a picnic ( we just ordered pizza and had chips and a drink) it was a really fun day, especially in the heat.
Well so far i am survivng the mosquitos, keep praying for me I will make it out here alive from the chikungunya!
hermana riley

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