Wednesday, December 9, 2015


We are kicking it here in Dolores! I love it here and i really hope i finish my mission here! I dont want to go anywhere else, tired of packing my stuff haha. 
This past week, we found some more good people! But the best part of the week was the weekend! On saturday night we visited our fecha hna sandra. we have been visiting her everyday now, really trying to prepare her for baptism for this saturdya but struggling a bit. But that night her husband was there and stayed for our lesson (he is usually never around) we shared a video about the apostasy afterwards he shared with us that he felt something in his chest. And we could feel the spirit strongly, we invited him to close with a prayer and he did it! I couldnt hear what he said because his voice was quiet but i just heard his wife sobbing and crying, i want to know what he said! oh well. It was a great night! (oh yeah he invited us to his humble dinner as well) a plate with a serving of eggs and fresh cheese that they had just received and tortilla it was good! We invited him to church as well and said he would go, and he went!! :) There was a primary presentation and his daughter participated as well. It turned out super cute, and the assistance of the branch was 63!! My goal was to get it up to 50! woohoo! (the presentation helped) But now to have that number consistently for 3 months so that we can have a real capilla built! 

It was a great week and weekend. Today for pday we went to a place called ixcun, which was a center of the mayas where they did sacrifices it was a 2 hour walk! im so tired now! but it was cool!

I love you so much mommy!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great wekk! Take care!!!!!

Hermana riley

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