Monday, June 29, 2015


Thanks for the emails! That's my favorite part of Mondays.
About my week: I got sick with a cold, runny nose and a cough, it was soooo not fun oh yeah on top of that a sore throat but no worries because I'm feeling a lot better!
This past week was really sad, we have (had) an investigator her name is Rosario, She is a lady that has been really sick! malnourished and had diabetes and other ailments, we have been visiting her and her family, we brought the elders and members to give her a blessing and even a nurse to check her out to see what we could do because, if you had seen her you would want to cry just to see how bad she looked. On Thursday we went to go check up on them (the family) to see if they brought her to the hospital and just see how things were going. Well as we approached the house on the hill we saw a black bow (a plastic bag in the shape of a bow, which signifies death here) and I was confused I wondered who had died, I had an idea but I didn't want to accept it. I thought it was their neighbor but as we got closer there was another black bow on the house, and my heart sank! we entered the house and they had cleared the main room of their furniture and in it's place there was the casket surrounded by candles and a few flowers. When I saw the casket I couldn't hold my tears and I started to cry, we saw the daughters that we are also teaching and hugged them, and then sat down on the chairs placed around the room, we didn't leave for two hours because i couldn't stop crying, it was tough because we had formed a special bond with Rosario, and one can just feel a special spirit about this family, and to see her go was a shock. But in that time i had time to reflect about the Plan of Salvation and how wonderful it is! The love that god has for us to make this perfect plan for us that gives us hope is just infinite. It was better for Hermana Rosario because she was really suffering and now she is resting in peace. And I'm hoping that her family will know that they can be together again for all eternity and that this blessings come through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The only problem is that they are planning on moving, and nowhere close, so we will see what happens with that. But we went back yesterday and taught flory (the daughter about the spirit world and the degrees of glory) and we are going to go back this week. We are not going to have them slip throuugh our fingers.
On friday we went to salama to do divisions with the hermanas, its always fun traveling to other places even though one is really tired afterwards haha. Also we had a meeting with Hermana Curtiss, talking about how we can better help the Hermanas with their challenges and then afterwards she took us out to lunch! smile emoticon It was a good time, i love Hermana Curtiss she is the best!
hmmm a scary experience this week, eventhough I feel pretty protected here, the other day we were waiting for the bus, apparently there was this drunk guy behind us, I didn't notice him but my comp. did and she told me "come on!" I started walking but didn't want to turn around to see what was happening but i saw a shadow following us, when all of a sudden my comp grabbed me and said "vamonos!" I looked back and the drunk guy was inches from me and tried to grab me and this was all during the day. We speed walked away, and my comp said that her heart was beating fast, I just felt oblivious haha. Don't worry mom, drunk guys are all over the place and they are usually harmless because they are usually so wasted they can barely stay on their feet and that's why you see so many of them just laying on the streets. But yeah they are VERY VERY annoying.
I hope you guys have a great week!! and hope that you are enjoying the weather!! smile emoticon

with the Sisters in Salama

in the bus to Salama


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