Monday, June 22, 2015


Please please take advantage of the temple, I miss it soooo much, i want to go soooo badly but cant, so go for me!! Its a blessing to have a temple close by! One never knows what they have until they don't have it, that is a true statement!
Okay time to tell you about my week!
It was CRAZY, STRESSFUL, AND TIRING! That's for sure. So as you already know, my comp went home last week with a few other sisters, and they were all staying with us! our house was a mess, and just today we got to the after clean up, because during the week was so hectic. Okay let me tell you, I was in charge of Hermana Martinez on Tuesday because she had emergency changes from salama to here to los campos (thats a 2 hour drive) she traveled there and back in one day, and the comp that acompanied her, her name is Sister Gomez, poor thing but she volunteered, she traveled there and back 4 times!!! can you believe it! 8 hours of traveling on bus! what a trooper! But also on that day, Tuesday, we had a problem with a pair of sisters, one sister was getting sent home, so me and sister Miguel went to be with them to help them out (they were having some issues) and the sister needed a suitcase to finish packing, so my comp stayed with her while I went with the other, and we searched almost all of Coban to find one in a thrift store, we finally found some but they were too much money so we went to a paca (thrift store) and found one, but it had some holes (but easy to fix) I bargained it for much cheaper, and they gave it to me, 80 quetz, pretty good deal compared to 400 for a new one, so we got that, then went in hunt for duck tape, we found it, then the sisters were hungry so we went to go buy food for all of us. But it was a lot of running around, it was a crazy day! we were pretty much with them all day. Finally Sister Martinez returned, went to go pick her up and then went to the one appointment that we had. On Wednesday morning President told us to keep an eye on the sisters, but the one that was leaving was being stubborn and didn't want us to be with her, so we just did phone calls periodically, when everyone finally left to the capital, we dropped Sis. Martinez off in her area with her new comp. We got to chill with President and his wife in their house for a bit. And the rest of the week we got to work, normally, but people were not accepting us, and one day we ran into Jehovah Witnesses that just wanted to contend with us, that was so awful!! I never want that to happen again, he was just trying to put us down, all we did was testify and we left. My comp realized what its like here, and says its a lot different from Peten, which is so true, the people are really hard here, but we have really good potentials. so we just continue with our faith and hope for the future! On Sunday we had a miracle, and for once we got an inverstigator at church!! Which was awesome, miracles are real!! grin emoticon. This week will be better!!! excited to work hard and find new people, and to have baptisms in the future, the AP's told us that we might go to Semuc in July, so we will see what happens.
But yeah that was my hectic weeK!!
I LOVE YOU ALL! Hope you have a marvelous week! and continue to see the miracles the lord has for you, because they are everywhere!!!!
hermana Riley

Yep at the clinic getting diagnosed with one parasite.

The Moroni Trophy we won for doing the best in the month as a Zone


Hermana whose luggage was too heavy 
but then we found out she was carrying this stick
She had to leave it behind.

The Sister Missionaries going home stayed with us for a day.

We were exhausted at the end of the day.

The aftermath of having 6 missionaries staying in the same room.

Walking to the Mission offices.

New Companion Hermana Miguel from Mexico.

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