Thursday, July 23, 2015


Okay so about my week!
On tuesday we had Missionary Council mtg which was the meeting for the leaders of the mission (like ZL'S DL'S AP'S and us Hermana lideres) It was good, we learned about how we can be better leaders, what were our challenges and how we could overcome them, learned a lot, and then the best part is always afterwards we eat a delicious lunch! its the best. Then on miercoles (Wednesday) we went to Salama again to help the sister missionaries who were struggling a bit, we did a surprise visit and for lunch we had chinese food! but it was alright, i mean it's never the same as the U.S. or maybe I am use to the Americanized stuff and not the original but Guatemalan version of Chinese food is not original either hahaha . The surprise visit to the Sisters really helped out and I'm glad to see them happy and better, that's what I enjoy most with my calling is being able to see results from our visits, shows that we are actually helping haha. Thursday was a normal day of work (Proselyting) and on Friday we decided to explore the aldeas (small villages) we have because we feel like we might find some escogidos (chosen children of God) there, so we went to the furthest part of our area wichich is called tontem it's like 15 minutes away, and we taught a family in qeqchi (actually we showed them a video of the restoration (which is really old haha) and it is in qeqchi but the Lady told us in qeqchi that she had stuff to do that she didn't like the video and didn't want to watch anymore so we turned the dvd off, her kids enjoyed it but i don't know what happened to her. It was strange. After their house we went to go contact other people, but there were some very mean nasty dogs, they get so bravo (angry) and look like they are going to tear your flesh off, it makes me angry and I wish I had a tazer or a dart gun to shoot them (I am sorry I know that is not very Christlike) It's either go and share the gospel with the people and get rabies or leave them alone and be safe, it's tough, I feel sorry and sad because I know it's important that the people can have the gospel in their lives but I need to be alive to do it haha. At the end of the day we were able to find some people, they were really receptive (mother and daughter) and we have a return appointment, so our visit to Tontem wasn't a failure.
Today for pday, we actually got together as a district and were able to have fun together (we don't really do activities together) its difficult because our District Leader is a finance elder and his pdays are usually Saturdays but he got permission to spend it with his District today because it was his birthday on the fourth of July, we played soccer, and then we played a game called the candy bar game where you roll a dice and have to get a certain number to be able to grab a candy from the middle once all the candies are taken, you have to remember who has what and when you roll that number you can steel from that person, but only if you say what they have exactly, it was fun but really in the end we all got a candy bar so there were no losers, afterwards we had ROOT BEER FLOATS!! grin emoticon say whaaaa?! it was the best thing ever! i didnt know there was root beer here, I haven't had that in forever, it was the best treat! We also had cake.
So that was my week! I hope everything goes well for you guys this week! Hope you are enjoying the weather, it's looking pretty nice out! smile emoticon
I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Siempre estoy orando por ustedes! Ya estamos en Julio que loco!!!
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(I haven't had this in a very long time)





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