Monday, June 29, 2015


JUNE 22nd
Okay let me tell you about my week:
This week was full of miracles, on Thursday as we were walking home a lady came up to us and told us that the missionaries had been visiting her, but they stopped coming (due to changes) and she wanted us to come visit her (we were beyond excited!) that was our first miracle of that day. We then went to go do our visits and we had a member with us who wanted to introduce us to her friends we went to a house but no one was home, but they had a pila (outdoor sink) in front of their house that had dirty dishes (I had been looking for more service opportunities) and this was the perfect time because there was no one to tell me no! (everytime I ask if there is anything We can do to help they always say no) so we proceeded to wash their dishes and when we were done, left them a note that we had passed by. After our visits we were headed to another part of our area and on the way, another lady started talking to us (we were like: all of Coban wants to talk to us now when they usually never do, but it was really just two people) we talked to her and she asked us when the church services were for a certain ward? We found out she was less active and she wanted to go back to church to be able to better her relationship with Heavenly Father and receive blessings because her daughter was sick, we made an appointment to visit her another day and invited her to a church activity and that we would pick her up.
Night time came and it was time to go home and as we were walking, it started to lloviznar and chippy chippy (drizzling) and then as we got closer to our house it started raining harder and harder and as we were really close to our house it was pouring, so we got home SOAKED!! It was crazy we were hoping to escape the rain but nope....
On Friday we had divisions in a new area they gave us called Tactic, but I stayed here in coban, it was a good time. Oh yeah! also that day we found a person and I believe is related to your family Mom, she told us she was born in Santa lucia cotz. and that she has familia with the last name Maltez!! Her name is Estela Alvarez Milian, so if you could research, please pretty please! and let me know.
On saturday we had the ward activity to celebrate mothers day and fathers day, there were a few acts, including one we did as missionaries, which was pretty funny, even though it was improvised.
Another miracle that happened is that hna yanette came! (she hasn't gone to church for the three months that I have been here) and she went to the activity, along with a family where the mom is inactive and her husband isn't a member but her kids are and they came too! The activity turned out great, then on Sunday, Hna yanette actually came to church!! (and she said she never would and that she was going to back to her old church) that was truly a miracle!!! because it has been soooo long!
So that was my week last week!
But thanks for the fotos! And glad things are going well for the family.
Hermana riley

Notice the bunny ears

Ward Activity = free food!


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