Monday, February 16, 2015

Mormon's, Jehova Witnesses and Nuns oh my!

Well my week went so so, we didn't have a lot of success in completing our goals, but hey, that's life, it happens, but doesn't stop me from being excited and happy! :D But aside from not having success I did have an interesting week:

 Last Wednesday we had divisions with the Hermana Leaders, I went to Santa Elena with Hermana Faught and my comp. stayed and held down the fort with Hermana Sorenson, before we split our ways we all ate together at Hermana Blanca's house, which is always great.... but this time it got interesting:  my companion started getting a headache and asked Hermana Blanca to "help her" Hermana Blanca knows a lot of healing traditions (Mayan traditions) she is a special lady. Well this is an old mayan tradition and its where they take the air out of your head, I know crazy huh? how do you take air out of your head, well I will explain. Hermana blanca runs her hands through your hair, she can feel/sense your energy, and she feels where the air is in your head, well wherever it is she grabs a lock of hair twists it around her fingers and yanks hard!  but when she does it you here a POP! which is the air pocket she found, it's so crazy, to hear the pop pop pop pop. She did it to each one of us, and told us what she felt with our energy... She told Hermana Sorenson that she was a little too stressed,   with Hermana Faught she has good energy, cares for the people and has a lot of love, With Hermana Perez... she has a strong spirit, it took a lot for Hermana Perez to get here and had a lot trials. With me... Hermana blanca was feeling my energy and said that it was really good, felt a lot of love, that I was noble, tierna (motherly, something like that), while she was saying that she started tearing up! and then hugged my head haha, I was surprised. It was an interesting experience :) (but man afterwards, your head feels so weird, but you feel so relaxed, it took away the headache of my companion, and she had such a high energy that, it was unreal haha)  Friday we were trying to visit an appointment, but they weren't home, we kept knocking and knocking but nothing,  then we saw two pairs of Jehova Witnesses, and they were knocking on doors in the same street as us! we were like oh man, I see how it is, watch out people, mormones, evangelicos y testigos, oh my! haha well we went to go visit an investigator and the funny thing is that they  didn't open the doors to the others, but they opened the doors to us and let us in (because we know them) in my mind I was like take that! haha but  I was just joking of course. 

Later that day it was dark out, and we were walking by a catholic church and we walked by some nuns, but my comp wasn't paying attention and when she looked up, she jumped a bit, the nun scared her, I laughed so hard, its because she wasn't expecting to see anyone, but there happened to be a nun. Then at night, it started raining hard, me and my comp ran home, and we got soaked! when we got to our house I changed and then I was playing with my hair, I put it all in front of my face like cousin it, and my comp wasn't paying attention she was looking at her camera, I sneaked up on her and just stood in front of her waiting for her to look up, she finally looked and FREAKED OUT! This time I died laughing! it was so funny! I'm so bad, but I cant help myself, it was a golden opportunity!
Well that was what happened my week, vamos a ver que pasa este semana! :)

I love you guys super much!!! 
Take care! 
Hermana Riley

ps thanks mom for the hug, a member lady came up to me Sunday and gave me a hug from you, explained everything, how small the world is huh?

My Companion who fell to the floor laughing

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