Wednesday, February 11, 2015


You didnt get my email last week?..... sad face frown emoticon (Aol sometimes doesn't receive emails from missionaries, I had a problem with that too, and switched to gmail and it was better)
but here is the email I sent last week

We had transfers and I'm staying in San Benito for another change!! yippee!! but I get a feeling that this is going to be my last change here frown emoticon but I'm going to enjoy it to the MAX!
This past week, me and my comp have been really trying to contact more, and we have found some really great people that we have a lot of hope for!
Last time I shared that we were teaching a wonderful elderly man and his name is Francisco Banos, well he was baptized this past weekend! It was very special. Francisco is 73 years old and his baptism is one that I will never forget. This coming week(February 7th) we are going to have two more baptisms, their names are Carmen and Amarilis, we have been working with Carmen for 3 months! and now she is getting baptized! grin emoticon the adversary has been working against her with her family, but she is strong and knows this where she is supposed to be so she is fighting. But its wonderful to see her conversion and her testimony.
To answer your question: With the recent converts it's our responsibility to reteach all the lessons again, and so yes we continue to visit them and help them to be more involved in the church so that they can have a strong foundation.
We are also trying to work with the jovenes (youth) to get them excited to go on a mission. We have a few girls that consistently go out with us.
Last week, Hermana Blanca (The wonderful lady that provides their daily meal) wasn't home so me and my comp had to fend for ourselves for food, it was a sad week! there is nothing like eating at Hermana Blanca's hahaha, She went to go pick up her hija (daughter) from the airport because she was coming to visit from the states with her baby, her baby is SO CUTE!! chubby too! reminds me of me when I was a baby Hahaha (editors note: yes she was a CHUBBY BABY)
Things are going well, and I continue to learn and to grow. I LOVE being on a Mission! So happy to have made this decision that I will never regret! I'm never sad nor terribly sick, which is a blessing. I'm in my second home grin emoticon (just waiting for that time to go to tikal.... tick tock tick tock time is passing by.....) hahaha One day! (She is only a very short distance from the Mayan ruins TIKAL but they can't go unless it is a special reward from the Mission President)
But glad that everything is going well with the family, hows grandma?
going to try to send more pics!
love you guys super much!!!!!!
keep up the faith!
Hermana Riley


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