Thursday, February 5, 2015


To answer your questions: After I lost my debit card I cancelled it right away and the mission office sent me the cash I had in my account  when the Mission President came up here (especial delivery hahaha) so it's all good! I'm still waiting to receive the replacement card. I'm getting along pretty nicely without my rain jacket, thankfully it hasn't rained much, I have just been using my umbrella more often, its been holding up and I have been more careful with it. 

I'm doing great! still loving it here, loving the mission even more! I'm going to be sad when I finally get transferred.... but I have some training to finish first. Last week we had interviews with President his wife and the assistants, the assistants wanted to know how our area was and gave us some advice, it was good. I talked with President (I  was really excited for that), it really helped me motivate me more, and help me increase my faith  more, opening up my eyes to what I can be really doing, I've always known but have been a bit of a chambona lacking a little bit of faith, but all that is changing, that's why I'm here to learn and to grow, and its wonderful!   talked with Hermana Curtiss, she asked me about my health, and I told her that I'm doing pretty well just got a little cold which affected my throat that made me hoarse and I could barely talk (that was fun haha)  but I'm getting better now, I never get anything worse than a cold and this is only my second time, its because the climate changes a lot form hot to cold but its all good!  I got it under control :) oh yeah Hermana Curtiss told me to tell you that she is proud of me :) The interviews were really great, really helped me a lot. 

This week we have a baptism, with Francisco Banos, it has been an answer to our prayers and fast, he is great. I will send pics next week. We are contacting a lot of people and finding some few hidden gems, we are going to go backk and visit those and hopefully they are those elect that the Lord has in store for us. lessons that we teach during the week are about 30 lessons and people and families are probably about 10, I'm not really sure, we visit different people its hard to keep track (I don't have my agenda with me to double check...) but yeah.

Did you guys get my postcard?? 

Well until next week!

Hermana Riley

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