Tuesday, September 23, 2014

LAST WEEK AT THE CCM/ Centro de Capacitacion Misional

Buenas Tardes!!! 
How are you all? I am glad you guys got my letters!! it's good to hear everything that's going on at home. Well, I love p-days  FYI: (p-day is short for preparation day, the one day Missionaries have,  to take care of their personal stuff like writing letters) - they keep me going throughout the week. Thanks for the bicycle mom!! I love it hahaha (I sent her a card with a bicycle cut out)  I  haven't received the package yet, so hopefully it comes this week! I got my scripture cases  and they are sick! can't wait to show you.

 So this is officially my last week in the CCM! say what?! it has gone by so fast, I am so pumped and ready to go out in the field! this last week we got a new group of Latinas they are so sweet and fun, they are a great group, they are from different places, a big group from Mexico, some from Honduras some from Guatemala. I met some girls that will be going to Coban, it is exciting! and I met a girl from Peten, and she gave me some information about the area! she says it gets REALLY HOT up there, but I don't care, because I will see the ruins! woot! but we will see where my first assignment will be. Since i am going out in the field next week I might not be able to e-mail for another two weeks, so just a warning. But I have a letter loaded up, so hopefully that will get sent this week. 

On the random side ...The day after new Missionaries arrive at the MTC they get a welcome with a chocolate fountain,  it is sooo yummy! my companion  loves it so much!  Our president caught her sneaking a chocolate doughnut right before we left, it was hilarious, she thinks she is a chocolate addict and everyone knows her for that hahaha.

On a serious note .... So we get to teach based on real life situations and we are given a little taste of what is really going to be like out in the field and sometime some of those teaching moments can be discouraging but with a lot of praying, faith and confidence in the Lord we are able to overcome some challenges.  I am just so excited to take it on, no matter how difficult it is going to be, because it will be!! I know the Lord is always with me and helping me, and I feel your guys prayers and all your love, I know I am supported and I appreciate it so much.

This Sunday we had a devotional from our Mission President on obedience, I want to share it with you guys.
Here are some scriptures John 14:21, proverbs 15:1 (think before you respond) Moses 4:2
"Don't ever look back on sins, if you have truly repented there is no need, there are reminders so that you don't do it again, but don't dwell on it, never look back"
"As we declare our obedience it shows our love for our Father"
"Stand up always for what is right!"

Everything is going well with me! I am just so thankful everyday to be  here on the mission. On a side note I still have Quetzales.  The area around here is nice, there are some nice apartments around, i think there is a neighborhood nearby but i haven't really seen the houses. There is a club next door, it has an open roof top and it's pretty big. We call it the great and spacious building because on the weekends they show sports on TV and the music is SO loud, and it can be distracting especially for the Elders who miss their sports haha

There are a lot of things I have memorized in Spanish. Right now I'm helping some Latinas memorize the mission objective in English (funny thing is I don't have that memorized in English just Spanish, soo the blind leading the blind haha, it's all good)

To answer your question, the CCM provide's stamps and envelopes, actually they are like a dollar, but its nice, i did buy 15 envelopes for a buck so I will have some when I leave but I will have to get stamps out in the field. 

but yea all is well now,.
I love you guys sooooo much!! 

Saludos!!! with mucho amor!!!!!

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