Tuesday, September 9, 2014


WOOOWEEE!! hahah oh man where do i start?! this hour that i have for emial, is stressing me out, theres so much to say so little time to write, so pardon my spelling becuase it is gointg to be completely bothched!

i am going to start with my p-day last week, holy guacamole! it was soo fun and awesome!  We woke up, got ready for the temple and went to the temple, i love it there! the temple is literally like 5 minutes away, it is super close!! after the temple we got together as a a zone or group got on a bus that could barely start haha and drove to wendys for lunch oh yeah we also got our cameras that day so i took a butt load of pictures but i wont be able to send them til i am on the field cuz they took my camera back, triste... but anyways we had wendys for lunch, it was soooo good! it was better thand the US, it was like fresh, and it was ready in like 2 minutes, they are so fast! it was tastey, after wendys we went to the relief map, it is a 3-D map (as big as a basketball court) of  Guatemala! (im pretty sure i have been here before) but it was cool to visit , and learn a little about the history about it, it took 15 years for a group of men to go around every inch of guate, and a year and half to make the map, and they were ninety eight percent correct! how crazy! also i found out that last march some people  were working on the map for renovations and found  a box  under the map, and it contained some documents of all the men who had worked on it, time capsule! how cool!

 After that we went to the mercado which is near the governement buidling or capitol building of guatemala, and i was so stoked! because I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE! :D and the market as well, it was like being home again, it was soo cool, i bought some guate t-shirts cuz i only have one shirt for deportes or ejercicio, and it can get pretty stinky after wearing it every day hahah. oh yeah! i also bought some AWESOME! guatemalan fabric embroidered pants, they are so sweet! i love them sooo much! i can't wait to send you a picture of them they are amazing hahahaha. after our trip, we returned i took a little nap and then we had devotionals that night, from an area seventy,  young men general presidency and primary presidency, and the general young men's president sounded familiar so i looked back in my notebook and found out that he had given a devotional at byui, it was a good devotional!
last pday was great. I've been healthy, doing good staying lively, so far no challenges really, i pretty much have everything sufficient for my needs. looks like im in the CCM for the full six weeks, this is the third week, so i have two more pdays left here. i still have the same companions, it doesnt change, unless i move, but idk what is happening with me, just that im staying in the ccm the full time, which im fine with, not complaining.
I got your puzzle letter!! i loved it! i was so happy!, thank you! and good im glad you got my letter :) but i still havent gotten the dear elder letters, i found out they actually take a long time for the ccm, idk why. so i would recomeend sticking with emails and normal letters cuz i actually get those ahha, and im not sure about the packages but i have seen a couple floating around, but idk if it will be worth sending one here now since i have three weeks left. and thats oklay about the lotion no need to spenmd that much for that, i can just buy it here, i havent yet cuz the places ive gone arent like actual stores but markets. and yes there is a little store in front of the gates here, they are members and really nice! they have some necesity itemes but not everything, they sell some sweet customized leather scripture cases and i got some, and i cant wait to show you! they weill be really cool! haha the missionaries love that little store too, haha there are guards outside of the gates, when we fisrt got here the other missionaries were surprised and were like whta they have guns too?! haha but i was like yep, i know, good old Guatemala ahaha.  The food here is so amazing! im so grateful for your cooking cuz i was totally used to this stuff.   In my bedroom there are two bunk beds but there is only three of us in the room, we have a sink, a flushing toilette, a nice shower with warm water, its great here, got to take it all in while i can, there is a laundy room here down the hall from me, really nice machines and it has automatic soap, so i dont have to worry about it. we are assigend days to do laundry im assigend monday and fridays from 7-11 am.
 We've had great experiences with our investigators, we have two now, karina and ricardo, they are seperate investigators, but me and my comps were planning a lesson for karina trying to figure out what to teach her, but instead of a formal lesson we decided to talk about prayer again (but i didnt feel right about that) so we went in talking about her family, cuz her dad is an alcoholic and is drunk all the time and she can never talk to him, so we were just talking about how she is doing and then i brought up her father and at that moment apparently my comps said they were thinking the same thing! and so we went off track from our lesson plan and it was really cool to go by the spirit, we have been doing that a lot more and being more unified it is great! 

other people do write to me, i got an email from katie! some  from my missionary friends.

oh yeah so i realized that the grey dress with the lace wasnt packed, eventually sometime could you send it? and then yes please could you send my blanky! i will buy a super cheap one when im out in the field in the mean time. i dont think it will get lost or stolen. just make sure on the package you write  hermanan riley apparently packages dont get touched cuz they know its for the missionaries, also i learned that if you put a picture of jesus  or the virgin Mary on the package where you fold the boxes the workers at the post office dont steal it or open it cuz they dont want to cut jesus or Mary when they open it (people here are very devout Catholics) i thought that was interesting, you could try it idk haha. 
i memorized doctrine and covenants 4 in spanish this week! i feel accomplished! haha spanish is going well, and i do alrifht in the lessons.

Keep sending those e-mails (or letters) hahaha

I love you guys sosoooo much! send my love to everyone!! and i miss you guys, but things are great here!! :D 
i'll try to send another letter today!
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox lots and lots and lots of love!
Hermana Riley

                                                   The only three sisters are in the far back  hahaha

                                      with the Wendy's staff. I didn't make it in this pic.

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