Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I am out of the MTC!!!
and today is my FIRST day in the Mission field!

We had an early start yesterday! we left at 6 a.m. traveled over 5 1/2 hours to Coban, it took that long because there was an accident so we were stuck in traffic for an hour and a half. Coban is a neat city, we ended up going to the church building and not the Mission home. I arrived with my companion Hermana Weicks an half of my district, which was fun. When we got there we met the Mission President and his wife and some other missionaries, they fed us a lunch of sandwiches, potato salad and ice cream. After lunch they gave us a presentation about the mission, finances and rules. The Mission President spoke for a brief time because it was getting late, we also had 10 minute interviews with each and that's when he told me where my area would be and you won't believe where they assigned me....drum roll please!...............PETEN!! The Mission President told me I was going to Peten the land of the Mayan ruins (TIKAL) If I get lucky maybe I'll get to see Tikal which has been one of my dreams. While we are here  our goal is to try and make a stake up here, and then get at least 3 more in the north part of Guatemala and then they will build a Temple up here!!! how cool!

After my interviews, I met my trainer, she is so sweet and nice, my other mama haha her name is Hermana Martinez from San Pedro Honduras, she is just the greatest, I am so excited.

 I got your package with the blanket and stuff, thank you!!!! I  ran into the Hermano that is married to Alma and he said he had a little package but I didn't get that either.... oh well, still  thank you! after I met my trainer, we had to load up the bus fast, because we had a long drive to Peten. But first we went to the store to get some things for the ride, we didn't end up leaving Coban until like 4:30 pm, it took like 6 and half hours to finally get to peten, it was a looooonnnnggg bus ride, and I slept for most of it, one by one we dropped people off at their houses, and then I got dropped off. we have a quaint place, an area to study, a little bar to eat, a small kitchen with a sink, microwave and mini fridge, with some burners, there is a little outdoor area to do laundry and hang stuff, there is a bathroom with toilet sink and shower, a bedroom with two beds, mosquito nets, and a place to hang our clothes, there are also fans, which are nice in the night time.

 We got to our house around 11ish, got stuff ready, up here in Peten it gets pretty hot and humid, right now I am sweating bullets haha but the night time wasn't bad, we had the fan on, slept with my sheets and there were no mosquitos or anything, just ants on the floor, but they don't bother me. I am so happy to be up here.  We got our plan for the day, going to visit a lot of people and do some contacting, I am so ready to work! no complaints, even the heat isn't really bothering me, I'm just ignoring it and dealing with it. I am doing so well! I LOVE IT HERE, there are some great people here. I will send pics next p-day which is on monday,  i dont have time today because I was only allowed to write to you to tell you that I arrived safely  and to share that I'm still alive, and loving it!!! I love you guys so much!! hope all is well! send my love!

Oh yeah! Hermana Curtiss (Mission president's wife) says:  "thank you for sending your daughter I get to have another half Guatemalan"  :) (because that's what her children are as well haha)

So stoked for general conference this weekend! first one out in the mission! also this transfer is short only 4 weeks, because presidente has some meeting in el salvador. and I learned that for christmas we can only call, not skype because the elders in p´okchi (algo asi no me recuerdo) where it is more rural and most of the people speak K'ekchi, well they  don't have skype so its only fair i guess. Just a heads up.
I will  be sure to let you know more next week!!!

con much amor!!!
hna. janelley riley :)

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