Thursday, September 4, 2014

Freaking out forTetanus shots!

Hola amigos y familia!

como esta? 
yo estoy fantastica! Me encanta el CCM!!

I cannot believe another week has gone by! I AM A TWEEKER! (two weeker haha) the time seriously just flies by! and the days are getting faster, I now can see what people mean, when it's really not a long time that you are out here, because it goes by in a blink of an eye, so there is no time to waste!! Every day is pretty much the same, study, personal study, comp study, language study, then go to class and learn some more throughout the whole day! me and my comps have been working on trying to teach by the spirit and splitting up the teaching equally, so that we have the same time each!  it is hard with a trio but we have been doing so great! that last couple of times have been wonderful! and very spiritual! We do role-plays, our teachers use the story of a real person and we pray for them and we totally feel the Spirit.

My district is so great, they are sooo funny! but they get a little distracted. The other day we  got purifying water bottles and I found out you can put coke in them and after it goes through the filter you get clean water! but it completely ruins the filter hahaha.

Tomorrow for p-day, we are getting out of the MTC and going out into the world! haha we are having a tour and then going to the market, I am sooo excited!! that is why I am emailing today because I  won't have time tomorrow. Oh yeah! before i forget, i sent you guys a letter last week! hopefully you guys get it soon!  I  think I'm going to be here for the full six weeks, just because for me to stay for four weeks, doesn't really work with the transfer system and they said they had to talk to my mission president in coban to see if he is ready to receive me, but i think I am  just going to be here the full time, which I guess doesn't really bother me, I'm alright with that. I've been doing good with my Spanish, the natives here are so funny I love them, but they are already transferring out this week :( triste, so that means we are getting more people, and possibly three more nortes (or gringa girls) haha but the Spanish sisters here think I'm pretty fluent, which is nice :) I'm sort of an interpreter (i need to brush up on some more vocabulary haha) but it's cool! ah man the other day I had to get a tetanus shot! I had to get it early because it's important for when I got out in the field, i will be more protected. but when I went to the nurses office ( we have an american nurse hermana) so i thought she was giving them, but I looked in and there were these two older Guatemalan ladies, I was like, oh no! (this is a little sketchy)... so me and my compañera Hermana weicks  sat down, and idk why i was freaking out a little more than usual, not because of the nurses, but tetanus is supposed to be a butt shot (even though it wasn't the first time I got it) so me my compañera were sitting across from each other and held hands, thankfully it went by so fast (for me) and it was perfectly normal, my arm is just a teeny bit sore now, but its all good! I felt bad for my comp though, cuz that nurse put the needle in, and then took forever to sqeeze it down and then take it out, it was there for like 6 seconds or something haha, but we are alive, its all good!

I am loving the food! it reminds me of home! lot's of black beans, tostadas, rice pudding (arroz con leche) fried plantains, sweet bread, chicken soup and lot's of tortillas!  I am just loving it!

well I am out of time,
I love all of you guys! and I love it here, and the gospel is so true! just gotta have faith! and everything will be taken care of!!
hermana Riley


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