Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hola mommy y familia!!
you wanna know how I celebrated it? - Indoors, studying and teaching haha, but! when night time came, I went to dinner, and the chefs had prepared a wonderful meal, with taquitos, chile relleno,  a tamal and a tostada, and they had a huge beautiful cake, with the Guatemalan flag on it! IT MADE MY NIGHT, it was so exciting!

I still have two more weeks in the CCM, Elder Pugmire leaves the CCM today and goes into the real world, so we will be getting a new batch of Missionaries this week, who will probably be going to Coban because the Coban transfer is coming up. I cannot wait until it is my turn!! I am so excited! time here has gone by so fast! I know it is just going to get faster out there. But for now I know for sure that I will be staying the full six weeks here and with my District and my Companions. I'm kind of glad that I am staying because if I had left earlier I would have missed my companions, and now we get to go out together.  Presidente said I'm advanced enough in spanish and that he doesn't worry about me for out in the field. This past week my comps and i have been working with our "investigators" Ricardo and Karina. We have set a baptism date for Ricardo this saturday the twentieth, he had a problem with tobacco but he's getting over it, we have been helping him, he is a great "investigator". karina doesn't have a set date yet but she is sweet and great, we had some problems in the beginning trying to figure out what issues she may have and then what to teach her, but we figured it out and she is progressing wonderfully. :) last p day I sent some letters to you guys, so hopefully they come this week!:D happy early birthday caden!! 
At the end of last p-day we had a devotional from Elder Holland (an old video form 2008) but it was so good!  One of the last things he said was very powerful. He was talking to the Missionaries and said "when you are down, reflect on the last hours of the saviors life, he was abandoned and utterly alone, by everyone. but the Savior is always there for you. Don't dare turn tale and run! never abandon him!... stand by him. Be defenders of the faith." this goes for everyone, I feel. that is my spiritual thought of the week haha. 

So this past week, my District came up with a saying. instead of YOLO it is YOGOMO!  You only go on mission once haha, well a full time mission anyways,  For p-day today, had early morning temple session, it was wonderful as always!! and then went to the market store, not too far away like a five minute walk. I got my necesities :) don't worry mom, but looks like you already sent the lotion, I got some too. But thanks! I appreciate it :) oh ywah! forgot to mention this, but a couple of weeks ago we got our issued "visas" which is a laminated photo of our passport and some stamps and a lawyers signature, so I am not illegal in Guatemala anymore! (wouldn't that be funny? a U.S. born being deported from Guatemala because I was illegal)  :D ahah also you guys will be getting a check from my companions family, because her card got wiped clean from the magnet of her  name tag... so I helped pay for a bag she bought. This past Sunday night, we had a "movie night" and got to watch the testaments, that was fun, and then our last week here we get to watch the Joseph Smith Restoration video, really loooking forward to that! these past two weeks, I had a calling, I was called as the Hermana music leader, so I got to choose the songs for Sacrament and the Devotionals and who got to play them and lead them, it was fun! this past sacrament I put a musical number together with some elders and they sang "Come thou fount" Capella and it was so beautiful, it was quite the treat! 

Thanks so much for the photos! can't believe Caden is getting so big! and holy guacamole that baby is big! hahah but she is soooooo beautiful! give her a hug and a kiss for me! 
To answer your question, for gym I do the eliptical and abs, sometimes the stationary bike,and when im really feeling up to it I play volleyball but the last time I played I bruised my arms and thumb knuckles haha so I kind of stopped for a bit, the ball is hard, that's the only reason why I really don't like playing.
yes i try to speak spanish as much as i can, but it's hard when your comps speak English, but they say here, if you speak English es un pecado! hahah so I've put on my name tag a "post it" that says no hablo ingles, as a reminder :)

I am always thinking of you and family, you guys are always in my prayers!!!! thanks for keeping me updated! i will be looking for the mail.
with mucho AMOR!!!

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