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Okay! I am ready to answer your questions! smile emoticon
First things first, I met the Elder whose family bought Alex's contract I think his name is Elder Hullinger I'm not sure I didn't really see his tag. But it was a coincidence because he is all the way in Polochic but he came down (for the doctors) and was here in Coban and I saw him.
Okay, so first question
Did you ever used the flea collars that Grandma sent for you? do they work? Is it necessary for missionaries to have them?
I have never used the flea collars so I do not know if they work or not. Is it necessary? well.... I have never really had problems, i have had pretty nice apartments and well on the streets I get bit, but that's just a matter of using bug repellent (I don't think the flea collar will fit me) hahaha J/K It also depends where one goes, the sisters are usually sent to pretty central places where it's not hard to have access to the stuff you need. But the Elders they get sent to wherever they can, to more risky places and especially if they get sent to Polochic they are pretty far off from normal civilization.
2. How many pairs of shoes should a sister missionary take? what are your favorite shoes to have?
In my case I have a lot....(I am my Mother's daughter) hahaha (thanks mom for buying them) I'm not going to say how many I have haha.... but every pair has lasted me and I have never bought any, the key? it's because I rotate between pairs (okay so like 5 pairs ( I rotate throughout the week, plus extra ones... still not going to say the total haha) so they don't get a lot of wear and tear up until now, but that's pretty good because it has been 11 months. The ones that I use a lot are the sketcher ones, the Toms (but they are not good for the rain obviously) and the bottom of the shoe comes off after awhile, but its an easy fix with super glue, which they do sell here the black oxford ones I have they actually have been comfy for me and last still going strong with those. To my surprise the black flats from forever 21 (remember those, the quilted looking ones?) are still in great
3. Rain boots, you can buy them here, but I don't know how they are, I really love mine, I don't regret bringing them, I think the ones from the states would be more comfy, I believe.
4. I do use my red rain flats (but i should have asked for a little bit bigger size, rub my feet a lot, but thats a personal issue, I really like them, but not when it's sunny because then your feet just sweat, but they do the job. (but this is for drizzle rain or when there are puddles or mud, not for down pours))
5. Water bottles with filters: I don't recomend wasting luggage space in bringing those, the mtc will give them to you (at least the one here in Guate) if the Provo mtc doesn't give them, doesn't matter they can still get them from the offices here.
6. Also DON'T WASTE SPACE WITH HAND SANITIZER not worth it, I still have the ones that I brought and I have hardly used them....(sorry mom) but I do use the ones that you gave me for Christmas from bath and body, they smell good haha. But don't bother in bringing that because you can get that here too.
7. Money: The 200 I brought and converted at the airport, was just enough for the whole ccm (if i remember correctly) They have an atm machine here in the ccm in guate, debit cards do work, i have never had a problem with my card. Now about moneygram or western union, I have no idea, so I couldnt really tell you about that...
okay so about my week: We did divisions and we traveled to Santa Cruz, but this time instead of just one of us staying and the other being in our own area we both stayed, to help fortify their area more. you will see in the pics, it was fun! We brought our own cots to sleep in and they are HEAVY!
This weekend we also had interviews with Presidente and Hermana Curtiss oh and with the assistants. It was a good time, but I feel we just had them, how time flies by. As I was talking with President, one of the Assistants came in and brought him a subway sandwich, President asked me if I had had lunch and offered half of his sandwich to me because he said he wasn't going to finish it all. But I politely declined because we had a lunch appointment with our member. But that was really nice of him, and I was kind of shocked a teeny bit that he would do that. I love my mission president, he is the best. I love his wife too, they just remind me so much of my parents (you guys) because one is Caucasian and the other is Guatemalan just like you guys smile emoticon makes me feel at home haha. The interviews went well, and im going to work hard to overcome my weaknesses and be better, things are off to a good start, I'm becoming more punctual! (can you believe that mom?! haha) Well on top of everything I've been feeling a bit frustrated with my area and how no one comes to church and all that (by the way thanks mom for sharing that, it was really helpful) So I'm just really trying to work on my patience and figure out what it is that Heavenly Father wants me to learn and just to move forward and work harder. But on Sunday we had an investigator at church! but not only that he is SUPER pilas! (awesome) he is neighbor of the Starkeys, the missionary couple, they brought him, But he came to church in a white shirt and tie, with dress pants and he was giving really good comments in all the classes, it was amazing, even up to the point where he said this was his house, that he felt at home and referred himself as part of the church! (his name is Jose Cote) It was the bomb! that was our miracle and it sparked more hope for me. And then we had a reference that we visited on Sunday her name is Delvia, she wanted the missionaries to come over to sing hymns to her because she is the land lady of the apartment of the other sisters (but it's in our area) it's crazy but yeah. So we sang to her, and shared a message, talked about the Book of Mormon and she told us that she treasures that book and has been asking Heavenly Father what is the right path for her to be on. So we just told her to be more specific and ask if the Book of Mormon is true she said she would do it! we are really excited for her! things are looking up now! Im really excited!
Well that was my week. I hope you guys enjoy your summer time, because it is going by fast! we are already in July! HOW CRAZY!
Take care!
Hermana Riley

Divisions in Santa Cruz

Our portable beds/cots

Beautiful Santa Cruz

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