Thursday, July 23, 2015


Okay so do I have stuff to tell you mom!
first of all I will get your questions don't worry, just not in this email because it takes me time to think and I don't have a lot of time HAHAHA.
Okay, news time! So first thing, we have changes this week, and GUESS WHAT?! I GOT CHANGED President called me on Saturday night and told me that I was being transferred, I didnt respond for like a minute, I was in shock and my jaw was opened, i couldn't believe, but he reaffirmed it was true. At the end of the conversation he said that I can pick up my jaw from the floor now, I told him I already did a little bit ago,we had a good laugh. But IM GOING BACK TO PETEN! to Santa Elena right next to San Benito, so I will get to see Hna Blanca again and my converts and do divisions in San Benito, I am super excited for that reason. but i was hoping to have more here in Coban because we have super pilas (awesome) investigators that I know will get baptized soon. I struggled with that, I feel like there were still things for me to do that I didn't finish my work here, or that I may not have done a sufficient job. I prayed and asked Heavenly Father if what I did was what he wanted, and this weekend people were talking to me and talking about planting the seed so that good fruit can grow We are here to teach and share the gospel and I have done that, I have planted the seed here in Coban and did all that I could so that here could progress. Hope to see the fruits of that labor smile emoticon I leave tomorrow for Peten and these past days I have been walking around like a chicken with its head cut off.
Okay so also about my weekend, There is a sister here in my area that I have already mentioned, Hna Estela, well we chatted and she says she knows Papa Chato and Tia Lolita and that my great grandpa is cousins with a family of hers (her dad i think she said) So we are FAMILY grin emoticon I sent a picture of her. She says she talks to lola regularly smile emoticon This was cool, I knew when i came here to Guatemala that I would find family, mira pues!! well that was my exciting news.
I am running out of time but I love you guys!!!!!
love YA!

We visited this museum

My Brothers might get a kick out of this guys name.

Bedtime snack "Pan con jamon"

Estela Alvarez Milian
I found this Sister, we are related!

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