Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Visit from a member of the Quorum of the 70's Elder Alonso.

Well yesterday was a wonderful day! grin emoticon Got to talk to you guys, my wonderful family!! Sorry about the lag, I don't know why that happened, a bunch of other missionaries had problems with their phone connections as well..
This past week was really good! On friday we had a multi-zone conference with Elder Alonso a member of the Quorum of the 70's. On Saturday we had leaders conference with him as well (double blessing) I learned a lot! And got more excited to be a missionary and do the Lord's work to the best of my ability, He gave us some really good ideas. At the end of the leaders conference, he went up and told us that he felt really inspired to tell us, that we should go to members houses, investigators and to say a prayer and ask for a blessing for them, no teach anything, just leave a blessing for each of them. On Saturday after the conference, we did just that! Its great to see how the Lord leads us to his children in need because that day we went to an appointment but it had fallen through, so we went to go contact a house. A lady opened the door, she spoke q'eqchi to us and she was really receptive and let us in, she told us that her daughter was sick, so we went in, and found this frail little lady, sobbing, and her husband behind her comforting her, it was so sad to see, we chatted a little bit, and asked if we could pray for them, in my mind though I was thinking, "I wish there were Elder's with us to give a priesthood blessing". We knelt down on their dirt floor, and said a prayer to bless them. We finished, chatted a bit more, and then left, We told them that we would come back. We were able to put into practice what Elder Alonso had invited us to do, I just felt so happy that day, and felt like I was a new missionary, with a better perspective, just gotta keep that going! We are finding a whole lot of new people, I need to continue to be diligent smile emoticonWe are doing our best! My companion has 4 weeks left in the mission, which is crazy! Time is seriouysly flying by, I can't believe it! Elder Alonso said we have to be obedient and just need to enjoy the mission because we will never have this experience ever again! which is so true, and makes me sad, I love it here so much!
Well I hope you guys have a marvelous week!!!! Stay faithful and true!
Hermana Riley
Goofing around with my comp.

Multi-zone conference 

My District

Sister Wiecks MTC Companion

My Companion & Elder's from my last Area

Cleaned up real nice
for a special occasion


My Mom (trainer)

Forever sisters

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