Tuesday, May 5, 2015


We have ups and downs (and I am not referring to the hills of Coban) yes there are those too. I am learning not to be discouraged and to be patient, because everything happens in the Lord's timing.
I will start sharing my UPS:
We have set a baptismal date with a girl named Ana! she is AWESOME, she is only 13 and she accepted the Gospel. Her older sister is baptized, and she says that she regrets not getting baptized with her siblings but that now she is ready and knows these things are true, an answer to our prayers and fast! she went to the church with us this Sunday, and enjoyed it, I am so excited for her! we are seeing some progress. The baptismal date is for May 30th.
This past week, we gave service to a recent convert named yanette she recently got surgery and she can't do a lot of heavy labor, so we helped clean her house, which was nice because now I am getting good house cleaning skills, you'll be proud of me hahaha
In the ward we got a new bishopric, and the new bishop is GREAT! He is kind, and you can tell is working hard, we went to his house on Sunday to help his wife, who has a new baby in the house, but it's premature of 6 months, and just got back from being in the hospital for 3 months, so we chatted with her to get to know her, and we helped her out.
Le me share my DOWNS:
One day I went with Hermana Rivas (from Peru) we went to visit one of our investigators, but this investigators have dogs that are not very friendly AT ALL!! Let'ls say they are vicious, and it's a gang of three.
When we got there I was only able to see one and it was laying down, this people don't have door bells or anything of the kind so the customary way to let them know you are there is to yell BUENASSS!!! it is like saying GOOD AFTERNOON!! or HELLO!! (and that's how we get the attention of the people), Well....that one dog started barking, and walked towards me. No one from the house came out, so I yelled again BUENAASSS!! and that only got the attention of the other 2 dogs so I guess that wasn't a good idea hahaha, the other two dogs came running out and barking! HOLLY COW! they ganged up on me! And were growling roughly, my heart was pounding, but I stood my ground, I didn't want to run and really couldn't because I was standing on a gravel hill and didn't want them to chase after me and bite my legs off. I bent down to pick up a rock and threw it at them, they got caught by surprise (and it usually works, to get them to go away) they stopped for a bit but they just got more mad, and one of the dogs sprang out! With my catlike reflexes I stuck out the umbrella I was carrying and it bit it! At this point my heart was racing, I shook my umbrella away, and that was our escape, we started walking away fast! Holy cow it was crazy, if I didn't have my umbrella with me I would have been the equivalent of chopped liver to them or Chao Mein if they were feeling like chinese food, and then I would have had to travel to the Capital to get rabies shots, so grateful that didn't happen. Unless I feel a super strong impression to go back to that house again I don't think I will be going back and risk my life (because those dogs live there, and attack anyone that walks by) it just reminds me of Cerberus the three headed dog that guards the entrance, except these not only have three heads but 12 legs too.
Anyways we continued our proselyting and we found a woman, she was somewhat receptive and we tried to talk to her (she was alittle bit older) but she was so aloof, not even listening, all of a sudden she said, I don't have time for this, I'm really busy, and have a lot of things to do and she walked away, we got rejected big time, but it was like whatever, we knew there were others to find, and one day she will have another chance to accept or maybe not. That was a crazy day to my crazy week!
About my area:
Here in Coban, you take the bus to travel, and it is super sheap 1.50 in quetzales for the ride, they have taxis too but its more expensive. Where I live we have the plaza near by, there is Dominos, subway, mcdonalds, pizza hut, pollo campero, and some others.
In my area we have a lot of hills! So its "leg day" everyday haha recently it has been hot, but this last week its gotten cooler which has been a nice change of pace smile emoticon The bread here is ssoooooooo good! I am addicted to sweet bread, but dont worry, i dont eat a lot of it, every once awhile, I know very well the side effects of sweet bread hahah. The members here are nice, i still got to get to know them a little bit more, and we have hermanas that help us out during the week to accompany us. 
This week a 70 is going to come named Elder Alonzo, I am really excited!
I am also super excited to talk you guys on Mother's Day.
I LOVE YOU SUPER MUCH!!!!!! I hope you have a fabulous week!
Hermana Riley


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