Tuesday, October 14, 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!!! Feliz Cumpleanos!! hope your birthday was a good day!
I had a letter ready that i was going to send last week, but couldnt, so im sending it today, for you and dad :)
Things are going great here in Peten! still hot but thats okay, i forget myself and go to work, but i look forward to the rain cuz then i know it cools down haha and its nice. no i haven't used my rain boots, it hasn't rained hard enough, but i do use my jacket, i try to take it with me always! This past week, we had zone conference, and i learned a lot, how to improve and what we can do to double our numbers. This week we are meeting as a district to come up with a battle plan, because seriously we are in a battle. this past week i have seen so much opposition. I will tell you more about Estrella. she is a nice girl, we ended up teaching her father last week! he was compliant and nice,  the lesson went well i thought.  but then a couple days later after the zone conference we received a text from Estrella, saying she doesn't want to be a Mormon because she hates wearing skirts.... we were like what?! something was up, and after we had that conference i was pumped up so we walked to her house to figure stuff out, on the way i just had this strength surging through my body, my spirit was burning with the love of this gospel, it was awesome! we talked to her, and she was having all these doubts she thought Mormons were polygamists because someone told her, and that her whole family is Evangelical, so she is getting some opposition from them. We explained everything and cleared things up, and told her to pray and receive an answer, we invited her to church and went to go see her but she was still sleeping. So that´s that. We have a family that was supposed to get baptized in two weeks, and we went to go pick them up for church yesterday, and they were all set looked like they were heading out, so we said we would meet them later and left, something happened and they never showed, so now we have to push the date back. There is another girl we are teaching her name is Dayrir, she is 18 has a kid and is living with her marido. She told us she knows the gospel is true she has seen how it has changed her fathers life, he is a member. the only problem is, she needs to get married, but the guy doesn't want to, apparently he has a kid with another woman.. oofda! the adversary is working hard, but I'm going to work harder, I'm determined! But we did have a miracle, and a blessing from the Lord, I'm so grateful! last weekend we went to go visit a family  that other missionaries have contacted, they are so nice, the woman is named Ignacia she is older, her kids are grown. sweet sweet lady, we were talking about the gospel, and how she wants to visit our church. We taught her again another day, and she asks good questions, so we were talking about that, about the book of Mormon, and told her to pray to receive an answer of the truthfulness of the gospel. well yesterday she went to church with her son, and it was fast sunday, so she got to hear the testimonies, she was sitting with my comp on one side and i on another side with two other investigators. after church my comp told me that Ignacia turned to in the meeting grabbed her hand and said, i feel so much warmth and love inside me, i know this church is true!! it was wonderful! it lifted me up so much, this family is golden, at least she is! I cant wait to teach her more. 

I love my area its pretty good! pretty tranquil, nothing bad at all, just a few drunks at night, but rarely.

I haven't gotten sick, pretty normal, thank the lord! I haven't seen anything different cultural wise, not that i had already known, all though one thing they say a lot here, is que les vaya bien! all the time, its nice. 
San Benito is by water, there is also another lake near by, because we are by flores. 
Today for p-day, my district had a water balloon fight outside of the church, it was a lot of fun and then it started raining on us, but we were already soaked, and then we went to pizza hut, and later we are going to get ice cream, i guess its a tradition that every p=day they get ice cream, i will send some pictures. I figured out what im going to do, the rest of the fotos im going to develop them and then i will send them by mail, that will be better!
I love you guys soooo mucho much!!!!! 
I keep my head up strong everyday and smile! Because there is no reason to be sad or discouraged. Im trying my best to work hard, and i have the power of the Lord on my side, i know all is possible with him.
again Le Amo muchisimo!!!! and happy birthday!!!

Hermana Riley.

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