Monday, October 20, 2014


Hola Amigos y Amigas!

Where do i begin? Well first off this week was good, a little slow as far as missionary work goes, but it flew by! this is my last week, and then we have transfers! but since im in training i dont think anything will happen, (hopefully) Lets see my schedule.... well we wake up at 6:30 do our exercises, mainly stretching, and then at 7 i shower and get ready while my comp makes breakfast, she is THE BEST she always writes me nice notes and stuff, she is a great example to me...(I need to do better) Anywho.. I eat and then she gets ready, at 8 we have personal study and study for our investigators, at 9 we have comp study and share what we learned and plan what we teach for the day and then at 10 we have language study, i learn vocabulary and help my comp learn English. Then around 12 we go eat lunch at Hermana Blancas house, we go there everyday but sometimes she is not home so then we eat at the house.

As far as service goes, we ask people about what we can do for them but they dont let us help them, they say they´ve already done it or " no tenga pena" (don't worry about it). Once we told this family that we were coming at over so we asked them "prepare your dirty clothes and dishes and we are going to clean them" haha so we did! we showed up and washed their stuff, but that has been the only act of service so far.

Every Monday night we have family home eveningsbut at a members home, (Hermana Blanca's house) We bring our investigators and recent converts, but I don't have any recent converts, these are converts from July. we take turns giving the message and do the treat. I am trying to work on getting to know everyone and the area, I'm doing better but the names are a bit difficult, I forget or I'm not sure, I'm working on it though. So more about my week. I don't know if i mentioned this, I can never remember what i wrote before but there was an investigator named Luis Orantes who was supposed to get baptized the 11th of October, but then he started working, and we lost him! he disappeared from the face of the earth for 2 weeks, we looked for him but could never find him, we have been praying and praying and then last week we found him! he is no longer working and we have been teaching him, he has a date set for this weekend the 25th, and we are going to teach him everyday this week, he came to church yesterday and he is very good. We have also been continuing to teach Ignacia, she is a sweetheart and asks good questions we always have good discussions, she is very interested in the church, she likes the doctrine, so hopefully things go well. We haven't been able to see Estrella unfortunately, so we have to check up how she is doing. We had a district meeting last week, and we did a district fast. Now there is Jose Alberto (did i mention him?) he is also getting baptized this weekend, he is the one assisting two churches Casa de Dios and ours, we asked him why and we found out because he wants to learn and make comparisons, he knows this the lds church is true and all that, he is one of those people that like to study things like a theologist, I pray that he looses interest in the other church, but I think he has a calling there too a teacher or something. So interesting thing about casa de dios, the founders name is cash luna, he was an RM and served in Peru or something, but fell away obviously, the church is set up almost equally as ours, they have different classes like primary sunday school and all that, they have a thing called celulas which is like home teaching or something, and cash luna is the supposed apostle, its just super weird/interesting to find that out. Also yesterday at church in relief society, it was kind of different, people were blurting out coments and the class was just noisy. at the end of class a woman gets up and says, I'm sorry to say but it has just been irreverent and i did not learn a thing because of all the distractions, she just said it out straight, I was like... amen sista´ power to ya! HAHAHA in my mind of course. To be honest i dont know what happened (because I still can't understand a lot of spanish) hahaha i asked my comp and she said that some critizing or unfriendliness was going on since the beginning of class, idk. and then after that woman, another woman got up and was saying, that there is a presidency for a reason, talked to them to sort out your issues not in front of the class or something like that. It was crazy, i didnt even understand, i felt bad because there was a lady who just got baptized this weekend and she had witness that, this is not how the church usually works trust me, (I thought). oh well, it´ll get sorted out. On a brighter note, last night we were at a members house for dinner and i was telling my comp some jokes like the japanese/spanish ones, "how do you say dirty hair in japanese" chin champu and toilet paper... quita la kakita, she laughed so hard, and why did the chicken cross the road, but i translated it hahaha, (sorry, I laugh at my own jokes)
heres one for ya, "que dice un jaguar al otro jaguar? (spanish accent) how are you doing? hahah get it Ja-guar you doing lol i learned that in the ccm.
oh yeah! one thing i want to know, is it true there is a movie coming out about mormons? i heard about it from a member
and! somethings i have in mind for bday and christmas, some more nutella por favor, bug spray, in-soles for foot support (im not having problems but i would like to prevent them, because my shoes are flat) and another pair of good proselyting shoes, like the black sketchers you got me, they are comfy, and i like them. That´s all i have thought of for now. I still havent gotten any package or letters or anything  triste, im waiting patiently and praying that they will come.
Well felicitaciones, Happy Birthday POPS! thanks for the email, love hearing your spiritual experiences.
Hey mom did you get your purse back?
love ya guys, keep your eyes peeled i sent a letter last week.
love ya fam!!!
hermana riley

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