Friday, April 17, 2015


Mission life is "the bomb" and these are the many aspects I am learning to appreciate and to love about it:

First: I love my district, they are great! our correlation meetings are  always very uplifting, very helpful and at times funny (there are some funny missionaries)  

Secondly: Being in a companionship is so great, we always learn something from each other and you will be so proud to know that my companion is helping me to be more time efficient (can you believe that?) hahaha, hopefully that will stick with me all my life! 

Third: Do you know what is so great about getting sick while you are in your mission? well, you have so many wonderful Priesthood holders to give you a blessing. I was having some strong stomach pains and our Mission President's wife had some Elders give me a blessing and then she took me home to rest for a little bit and afterwards I felt 100% better. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and what it does for us, it is really the authority and power of God. All men should strive to be worthy of it, because it works wonders :)

Fourth: I have been creating better habits of scripture study and personal prayers, also to be more loving and to serve and be more attentive. 

Fifth: to be more obedient. Everyone has to be obedient all of our lives right? obedient to traffic laws, obedient to school guidelines, obedient to the laws of the land (like paying taxes) Here we must be obedient to our mission rules and by doing so we have the Spirit of the Lord guiding us every step, and that also helps us be protected. Listening to the mission nurse and following their advice especially when it comes to the local foods, what to avoid and what to eat. Missionaries here suffer so much of parasites (fun huh?) the best things is to avoid foods from the streets and some other things.

Sixth: The PEOPLE! meeting and finding new people to teach the gospel is the most exciting thing!! last week we found some great people to teach, including a family. We also went to help other Hermanas in their areas, they were getting discouraged about their progress but we were able to help them with their goals and we actually found new people for them to teach. I also met people that they were currently teaching and my heart went out to them, it was so exciting to see their potential, I know they have some wonderful people to work with. Our day was very successful.

The day we went on splits (divisions)

Oh! I GOT THE PACKAGE!! it is so nice to be close to the office  because I don't have to wait weeks to get the things that you send. 

I love you guys so much! Glad you got my postcard,
I hope you guys have a wonderful week!
Love you bunches!! xoxoxoxoxox
Hermana Riley

ps excited to open the package!!

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