Friday, April 3, 2015


Everything is going great here in Coban although I do miss San Benito (last area)
The sun came out this week and that brought a little warmth but it wasn't nearly as hot as Peten. The weather here in coban is most of the time cloudy and there is always some rain, mostly sprinkling which is known by the locals as CHIPPY CHIPPY and that is probably why the vegetation here is so lush and green and beautiful. My week went well, we are working on finding new investigators and we found 10 people this past week.
One day we were walking past a house and my companion said to me "I've always wanted to contact this house but we never did" so I said..."Well what are we waiting for? Let's go for it!
We knocked and an old lady came out, we said hi and asked how she was doing? and she said...." not as good as you guys", we asked why? she said that her husband had passed away 4 months ago, so we started talking to her, sharing our message giving her comfort, she wouldn't let us in at first because said she was washing clothes and couldn't leave them unatended, but then she decided to let us in and turned off her washing machine, we talked to her and shared more about the plan of salvation and we gave a chapter to read in the Book of Mormon, she kept saying that she is catholic but she accepts the word of god and likes to learn and read things, and she was curious about what we said that there is life after death and that we can see our loved ones again. I hope she can open her heart more and accept more of our message and this gospel smile emoticon I am so grateful that the Spirit led us to her.
On Friday we had divisions and we went to Salama a city 2 hours away from our area. We went to help the hermanas, they have been having some challenges so we were there to help resolve them, there are two sets of sister Missionaries, this time we worked with on of the sets and the division went great, we completed some of the main goals they had, and we were able to advice them and cheer them up, the division was successful and as of now, they are overcoming their problems and starting to see the blessings due to their obedience. (It made me happy, I love being Sister trainer leader because I really get to help the Sister Missionaries, and I know the Lord called me for a reason)
On Saturday we watched the general women's broadcast. It was SO inspiring!! I loved it! I learned a whole lot, and felt the spirit strongly (I recommend all to watch it :D) It talked about families and being defenders of the home and values! LOVED IT!
The people here are so sweet, after our lessons they always offer us something to drink and its hard to reject because you don't want to offend, I always have with me a bottle of biocyde, that we are supposed to carry to put in the drinks so that it purifies it somewhat, I carry that wherever I go! food and drinks hmmm always a challenge I just pray to bless it every time so that it doesn't cause me harm haha really relying on my faith grin emoticon
Today for p-day we went paca shopping (thrift store) for sweaters and I got some dresses, clothes here are so cheap! and I saw a member from peten here, gave her a hug and took a pic smile emoticon will send pics next week, because I'm a chambona and run out of time SORRY!! takes time to load them......
I love you moommy super much!! Happy Easter week!!!
Hermana Riley


"Chippy chippy" what locals call when there is very light continuous rain.
"paca" the shipment of used clothing that is re-sold to the public.
"chambon, chambona" in Guatemala means someone who is flaky, useless, disorganized.

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