Thursday, January 15, 2015



This is going to be a short letter because I have to get ready, we are leaving in a few hours to go on a one day vacation to the Capital (just kidding) I get to go there to sign visa papers, since I am living here I must have the proper documentation and I am required to travel to the Capital to sign the papers WOOPTY DOO! well it is a very long long drive to Guate 10 hours to be exact (one way) that will be fun....I leave tonight at around 11pm, I get there tomorrow morning, we go to the Embassy, sign the papers and then turn around and come back right away. I will return late Tuesday night or Wednesday really early. I hope it will be a comfortable chicken bus hahaha.

Yesterday we didn't have much success having investigator at church, only 3 people showed up... (comparing to the previous Sunday). The people already gave up on their New Years goal hahaha (broma) (JK), things are going wonderful with Amarilis (hija de Midlreth) she now has a baptismal date for the 7 of February, but it could be sooner, because she is so prepared. I love her so much.

Guess what?! I got robbed yesterday! okay not really, I was in Sunday school, I left my rain jacket and black sweater on a chair, went to RS and then realized I left them back in the other class, I went back to the room, and they were gone! I couldn't believe it, I checked the whole building and it was nowhere to be found, someone stole them frown emoticon made me sad, I loved that jacket, but I'm trying not to focus so much on the material item, it just makes me sad that someone would break one of the 10 commandments and steal...Oh well, I know that no one is here because we are perfect but we are here to become perfected in Christ, and that means that we all still have a long long way to go, I know people do the best that they can and sometimes we will fall short and thankfully we all have the Atonement to help us repent and do better. It reminded me of your purse situation, I am just going to pray and see what happens. But other than that things are going well! the training is going well, I love training! I am learning a lot!

So that was my week.
I love you guys super much !!!!

Hermana Riley

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