Thursday, January 15, 2015


Well this week was pretty good, I can't believe its another year aaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!! everything is going by too fast!! This girl (not so little anymore) is really enjoying her time on the mission, its fabulous!

Well my experiences last week: Hermana Blanca came back from her trip!!!! ( I missed her food, cooking at home is definitely not the same, and a lot more boring)

Last Monday night our appointments fell through, I was like.. oh no! what are we going to do?, "its late and I don't know who we can visit" so I prayed to the Lord to figure out what we could do, and then a few thoughts came to my mind, one of them was to visit a member that we haven't been able to visit (because every time we stopped by she was never home) This time when we went, she was home! her name is Mildred, we saw that her house was unorganized because she was moving things around so we asked her if she needed help and she said yes, so we helped her move the rest of her stuff and organized it (this was a miracle, because every time we visit we always ask if there is something we can help her with and every time she says "No thank you", ( she likes doing it herself) but this time we were able to help!! It was an answer to my prayer and we were able to help but the miracle was when we asked her how her daughter is doing ( she is not a member) she told us that her Daughter wasn't doing to well because her husband died. We asked Mildred if we could go visit her daughter with her so the next day we went, we planned to talk about the Atonement, and the Lord knows and understands our suffering so as we talked with her she told us that she felt this message is true and wanted to get baptized because this will help her move on with her life and heal her wounds and she said that the Lord has a purpose for her and has been planting the seed all of her life. IT WAS A MIRACLE! it was so wonderful to hear that from her. We are now working with her almost everyday helping her out, and it has been a blessing for me and my comp.

On a less spiritual note, this new year we ate a ton of food (more than on Christmas) and I finally got to try ponche at Hermana Blanca's, it was delicious, besides that and the fireworks it was a pretty normal day, but the streets were also dead, and there wasn't a lot of action going on.

Now back on a more spiritual note: yesterday was a Sunday of miracles.....

The start time for our Branch this year is 8:00 am which means we as missionaries have to work fast to bring all of our investigators.
Well... this Sunday we were late.... ( for the very first time mind you) But we have a very good reason... we were bringing A LOT of investigators, we went to pick up 4 people which is more than average, and then 4 more people showed up by themselves, SO PEOPLE GET THIS.... that makes 8 in total (record breaking for me and my comp.) IT WAS A MIRACLE!, and there were also a few less actives that we've been working with that haven't been in a while, I was so joyful although we missed the sacrament,(but I asked for forgiveness) We enjoyed the miracle the Lord has blessed us with, starting off the new year right, and seeing some promising things for this month!

So that sums it up for this week, other than that we are really trying to work with the investigators that are progressing so that they can reach the goal of baptism. I'm so excited! I hope all turns out!, thanks for all your love and support!!! I never take it for granted, and always give thanks to the Lord smile emoticon

Love you all so much, super hugs and kisses!!!!
Hermana Riley

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