Sunday, December 14, 2014


Mmmmm that food looks yummy, thanks for the pics! i cant believe you guys didn't eat the turkey! haha

Well my thanksgiving was pretty cool, you wanna know why?.... because i preached the gospel!!!
I Got to bring the light of Christ in their homes. Went to eat at Hermana Blancas and had soup with rice, it contained potatos, plantain, chicken and vegetables,tortilla, and horchata, that was my meal, it was tastey. Also that day was the one year mark of my compy, i made her a sign and we took fotos and at night i made NOOKED BROWNIES! haha we don't have an oven and everyone told me i could do it in the microwave so i did, it was pretty interesting, turned out all right  going to do it more often because i love brownies haha i miss the ones dad makes. So last p-day i had written postcards, to friends, grandparents, and you guys, but i ddint know if they needed a certain amount of stampage, and the correo was closed so i couldnt asked, so i put the normal stamps that i had and put them in the mailbox except for one, but i felt that something was wrong, so i went to go ask one of the tiendas near by that was selling stamps and bought some for my last postcard but that it needed two instead of one, and im like are you serious! all the other ones only had 1 stamp and i already mailed them, so now we will see what happens to them, hopefully they get mailed, pray please! I know with faith anything is ´possible, so i have been praying.

Okay so these past two weeks, the weather has gotten colder! im putting pants and the long sleeve i have on, and it is torture to take a shower now because the water is SO cold, i skipped a day because i couldn't do it hahahaha. And i started using my rain boots! I love them they are awesome!

This past week we had miracle, well there are miracles everyday, but this one stands out just a little bit more. Me and my comp were walking to go to an appointment and we walk by a tortilleria and there was a little boy sitting down, well he yelled out Hermanas! and we looked over and started to greet him (i had no clue who it was, i thought my comp did) well the boy told us his name how old he was, oscar and 5 years old. Introduced us to his dad and mom (super cute) so we started sharing a folleto with the dad. And the dad asked has my son seen you guys before, we said we dont know but we´ve never seen him before, how strange the dad says (turns out my comp didnt know the boy either) but it was weird because he called us hermanas. Well we put an appointment with the family and are going to visit them. It was crazy. Another thing, so we contacted a lady and she invited us in, started talking and then she started telling us about her son, that he is having problems with drugs and can't get away from it, and she worrys for him. So we shared an uplifting message with her, well we go back on saturday and this time her husband was there, they let us in, and we got to talk with them, well they were saying that on that day the wife was feeling a little depressed and worried about the son when two angels came by sent by the Lord and she was surprised for a bit but allowed them to come in and afterwards she felt so much better and comforted and they said that the angels were us and that made me feel special. I love being a missionary  Last week me and my comp did a lot of invitaciones bautismales con fecha, but none of them accepted except for one, that the rest wanted to wait for a bit, and that was a little frustrating because they are all ready, but i learned just got to have patience and keep working with them and let the Lord take care of it. But besides that it was a really good week. On Friday had divisions and this time i stayed in the area, which meant i took the reins! i was a little nervous at first but it all went well hardly any of our appointments fell through, learning to take the initiative a lot more. On saturday there was a baptismal service of the other elders and at night there was Noche de Canto that we went to and we brought our investigators, there were some young boys that sang, and they were really good! the family of hermana blanca sang too and her nieta danced it was cute, we couldn't stay for all of it becuase it was too late,but it was cool! Today for p-day was pretty awesome, went on an adventure and went exploring in some caves, got dirty haha It was fun, finally something different other than playing sports at the church, this is our last week of this transfer and then its transfers all over agian, aahhh the suspense is killing me, i want to stay here so badly for christmas, and we have a lot of good people we are teaching i dont want to leave. But we will see, whatever is the lords will i got to follow. But that was my week, going to send pics this time!! woohoo!

Love you family con TODO!!!!
mwah! y hugs!
Hermana Riley

p.s. did you get my letter





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