Saturday, December 27, 2014


I love fotos! haha 

 My week this past week was pretty slow. Not many lessons, but that doesn't keep me from being happy!!!!

 I love my comp. we are working well together and are a great team. The training is going well, I am sharing all that I can, my goal is to get her ready so that she can train when I am done.

 We had a big miracle this past week! There is a family we are teaching, and on Wednesday I received a phone call and it came as a big surprise, the couple told me that they were getting married, and wanted to get baptized that Saturday, it was amazing!!!  So They got married, but they have yet to be baptized because the "Hermano" needs to be taught a few more things, but they will be ready hopefully this coming Saturday. They are so excited! they really want to be a family for eternity. I just have so much love and happiness for them, when they get baptized I will cry, they are really special :) Remember I told you that we find many couples living together and have no desire to be married so to find someone willing to make that commitment is very important and special and I am so grateful and humble to know that as Missionaries we can help people improve their lives to prepare them for the eternities.

 Well this week is Christmas, YAAAY (because I get to talk to you)  its kind of weird because it doesn't feel like Christmas, maybe because there isn't christmas music playing twenty four seven, neither is there snow on the ground, I feel like those two things really help the christmas spirit  but  spreading the gospel and talking about Jesus Christ does too.

 Dont really have any plans, I think we might contact all day, and well call you guys, im so excited, even if its just 40 minutes I can't wait!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! haha Really not much has happened.... OH WAIT!! Last tuesday we had zone conference, and President Curtiss and his wife and the Asistents came up for it, it was a special christmas conference, it was really neat. Learned some good stuff and then afterwards we had a big lunch, served turkey, mashed potatos, veggies, bread, tortilla, salad, then we had dessert, slice of cake, a mini cheesecake and a mini pumpkin pie, it was sooo delicious, celebrated the birhtdays of November, December and January,  we also got a little present, they were foot tights, we also received christmas gifts, I got a stocking with candy and we all got cool shirts with the name of our mission on it, i will send a picture, (my camera died that day so i couldn't take pictures) afterwards our final gift, was... They played frozen for us, so I we watched in spanish with english subtitles. Thats probably the bajillionth time watching it, but it was still good (its better in english haha)So that was our zone conference, pretty neat :) 

Hmmmm what else? what else?.... well, Hermana Blanca asked me to ask you, to give me the recipe  for stuffing (but I told her that you just buy it from the store haha) but she wants to know how to make it. And lets see.... So we can call the 24th or the 25th, I wanna talk to you guys the 25th because that's when all the exciting stuff happens, im just not sure, either the morning or the afternoon? hmmmm, okay, Call me at 12 pm (1 your time) on the 25th, 

EEEEEEEEEE can't wait.

Thats all for now, LUB YOU GUYS LIKE NO OTHER!!!!!!! Hugs and kisses to all!!

Hermanas in San Benito

My Companion and I
During Branch Christmas Party





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