Monday, December 15, 2014


So last monday we, hna martinez and I traveled to Coban, we left at one in the afternoon and arrived there at around 7, it was in a public bus, we hardly had to carry the luggage, because the elders helped us load and when we got to Cobanthe assistants came and took the luggage for us, when we got to Coban it was SO COLD! I wasn't prepared but thankfully I brought a sweater. When the asisstants came, i was so surprised because they were driving and the car they were driving, was super nice! (I feel like I've been away from civilization that I get impressed by the small luxuries of life hahaha) it was some sort of grey truck, but it was nice! we got dropped off at the apartment of the hermana leaders and we stayed there over night, they ordered us pizza while they went to finish their day. But it was so cold, i didnt bring my warm socks, and was suffering a tad bit, thankfully i had a long sleeve, pants and a sweater. we stayed there over night, i got to cuddle in a lot of blankets haha Woke up in the morning and holy goodness I got to take a hot shower for the first time in like 10 weeks, it was soooo nice, i didn't want to get out haha we arrived at the church and i saw an elder from my district in the ccm so i said hi and we started talking about the first few months of the mission, it was cool. We then had a training for the trainers and then the new missionaries came and we greeted them ( i didnt know who my companion was still) had a meeting with the nurse, the financiers, presidente and his wife, had a lunch. I said goodbye to my trainer it was a bit sad. I then found out who my new companion is, her name is Hermana Perez from mexico, she is 22, pretty quiet, but ready to work, its great, the first week went well, but it was pretty slow, trying to figure out everything. The trip back to Peten took way too long, this time it was a bus with just missionaries we left at 3pm and didn't arrive until 12 at night, it was a long journey!!! For my birthday, i opened a present you sent and the card, it was super cute and thanks for the shoes!!! My day was pretty normal, before i woke up i heard firecrackers (they usualy go off when someone has a birthday, i don't know if they were for me or someone else, but it doesn't matter haha) I got texts from some of the members and missionaries, And that night there was a district (stake) christmas activity, it was really neat, and i got to sing with Familia Aguilar (hna blanca) because they needed someone to sing the english part of the song Feliz navidad haha but it was cool, it turned out well. Today at lunch the Zone leaders bought me a desert and all the missionaries sang happy birthday to me at pizza hut, and an elder learned how to make a balloon dog and gave me one, this was at pizza hut, it was very sweet and thoughtful. I love the month of december it is so special, and to celebrate the birth of Jesus makes it even more special. Dont worry im not discouraged, I made a promise to myself that I would never get discouraged because there is no need to. And to always try to be happy and smile even in the most difficult moments. I am excited to work even harder. Something I heard in Districtt meeting is Since Heavenly Father gave his only begotten Son for us, what will we give to Heavenly Father? Really makes one think. Got a lot of work to do, to get those baptisms to bring these people closer to Christ. I like the e-mail that sister Johnson sent, its pretty neat idea. Thanks for the love and support! and I love reading all the emails you guys send!!
Mucho love and hugs and kisses!
Hermana Riley


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