Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Well first of all, this week went a bit better, found some new people to teach which is exciting. We are also teaching Marta and her daughter, they are seriously THE BEST! They came to church on Sunday just like they said and they enjoyed it, the best thing is that they  accepted to be baptized on the 28 of March!!  they are truly a miracle and proof that the Lord prepares the people for the missionaries :) Also on Sunday we met with the family Valladares, another family that I love so much! again this time it was only the husband that was there, but this lesson was definitely taught by the spirit, we finally got to understand him more,  We invited him to pray and read, we could sense that he really wants to accept it, but told us that he can't really make these types of decisions alone, that he has to do it with his family, but he feels they don't accept and don't want to change their religion, he is a bit confused, but we helped him understand what it means to be an example, and that if he receives his answer from the Lord, all will work out, and everything else will fall into place. Im not giving up on them!
This week I'm going to bring my camera everywhere I go,  so that i can take fotos of everything! :) because we are having transfers in one week and I suspect that my time in San Benito is coming to an end  :(

Okay now for the big news.... drum role please!!!!!!!!!

TODAY WE WENT TO..................TIKAL!!!!!!!!!!!! :D yeah thats right, you read that correctly, this past month, our zone completed our goals, so the Mission President gave us permission  to go to Tikal (the Mayan ruins) today! It was super cool, and I was finally able to put on my tikal shirt that i bought in the CCM haha The only bad part, was that we were rushed through the whole trip, so we didn't even get to see everything nor soak it all in, that was the sucky part. (I'm just like you mom, where I prefer going on my own on my own time, to do my own thing :) hahah ) Oh well, I got to see the main parts, and take  enough  pictures (I will send them next week because I ran out of time) You could really feel something special there, in the miniscule time that I had, I thought about the movie The Testaments, and tried to picture the people there and when Christ came, it touched my heart, and that was special for me, but I wanted more time to reflect. It would have been cool to bring my scriptures and read 3 nephi 11 the coming of Christ to the Americas. One day I will return (better when I can go with my mommy :) ) 

Okay a cultural thing or courtesy thing i have noticed here is that when people are sitted in like a circle or group, if one gets up to walk to a different room, they dont cut through the circle or in front of the people talking, they walk all the way around and say permiso, i always thought about that, i thought why dont they just cut through its a lot faster, but its to be polite to the people who are chatting i guess. Lets see what else happens here..... I cant really think right now, but i will think more about it this week and tell you next week :)

So thats the news for now, more to come next time, so stay tuned :)

love you guys bunches!!!
hermana Riley

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