Friday, November 14, 2014


Transfers are 6 of december, 3 more weeks, i so don't want to get transfered, i love my area here in San Benito!! And the people, it will be so sad if i leave! To be honest, i would love to stay in peten my whole mission, i wouldn't mind, i enjoy it up here, its starting to get fresher here, which is nice, but now when i take showers the water is soooo cold! 

Okay so last week.... There was a lot that happened. Some bad news and some good news. First with the bad news: So last last weekend we were visiting a family, they have a daughter name Jenny around 30ish and she was sick, she had a stroke, while there we shared a nice spiritual message and the love that the Lord has for them.

On Monday Jenny got sent to the Capital for intensive care and then on Tuesday morning, we went to go jogging at the church and the secretary who had the keys, told us that Hermana Jenny passed away the night before.... I couldn´t believe it! The whole day it made me really think about the plan of salvation, and what a blessing it is to have that in our lives, because it gives us hope, and we don't really have to worry too much. That night none of the members could go out with us, because Jenny´s mom came back with the body and had a wake that night, so we contacted as much as we could but couldn't teach any lessons, so we went to the service to give our support and love, it was so weird to see the casket (it was closed) just a few days earlier we had visited her, i just couldn't quite comprehend it. The next day they had a service at the church and then took her to the cemetery, we didn't participate in that, because we had the Lords work to continue.

Now on to the brighter news. On Wednesday we had a fast with the whole mission, because we find so many people but there are so few baptisms and also little progress. Also this weekend had some miracles!! i mean everyday is a miracle but these were like BIGGER miracles haha. So the first: me and my comp were tracting in one of our areas that we haven't really gone to, trying to see if we can find more "escogidos" (chosen), we stopped for a bit thinking of where to go and then we started walking up a street, we contacted a house, (they weren't interested) contacted another house... same thing, but as we were going door to door I noticed a girl about 10 years and in my mind i thought-"go ask her where mom is, to share a lesson". But me and my comp kept on walking cuz we were going to visit someone who we had contacted a while ago. Well as we were walking, my comp told me " I had a prayer in my heart to find the Lords elect, but he didn't answer me" as she finished her sentence we started hearing this chsshhhh chsshhhh we turned to look and it was the 10 year old girl, she came up to us and asked if we could give her a folleto (pamphlet) to share with her family, HALELUJAH! we asked if her family was home, she said yes her mom, dad and sister (bonus points, A FAMILY!!) we asked if we could share with them and she said yes, as we were walking along with her.. my comp turned to me and said... " and I was murmuring *she smacks her face* I'm sorry Lord!" hahahah it was funny, but that was seriously a miracle! The next one, we visited an old man named francisco, we were teaching him the resoration but it took awhile because he kept getting off track, he was really agreeing with what we shared, and i guess told us of all the people he has listened to (other religions) he could really feel the spirit in our message, we invited him to baptism and he accepted, said he wanted to change his life, and then my comp asked him to baptism with a date, and he accepted that too! he said, just make sure to keep reminding me because i don't want to forget the important day! haha He is so great! But I'm a little unsure at the same time because I'm not sure if he truly understands everything, but we will keep working with him and the holy spirit will testify to him too. It was a good day. Next miracle, okay so we have been struggling with having investigators at church and this past week i prayed we could achieve our goal with that, well none of our investigators could come, except for one her name is marjorie she is getting baptized the 22 of november she is bien pilas! (me and my comp wish all our invesitgators could be like her....) but! some sister missionaries in the other ward told us they had investigators for us that are in our area and it was a mom and her daughter and one of the members brought their sobrino (non member) who is going to be living here for a bit, and we are going to start teaching him, so that was more than one investigator attending! not quite the goal, but it was better than before, The Lord really answered my prayer not in the way i was expecting but he still answered it. It was wonderful! This week was a good week, we are making changes and starting to see progress and finding really good potentials, everyday i give my gratitude!!!

I love you guys so much!! You are always in prayers, im going to try and send a letter next week! Boys be good! say your prayers and read the scriptures, also remember listen to mom and dad "honour thy mother and father" they know whats best. Just like our heavenly father, sometimes we cant see whats good for us but he can and he helps lead us in the right direction, just like our parents.

Con mucho amor

Hermana Riley.

All I can say is...this area is beautiful.

AT A MEMBERS HOME:they don't have much but they give everything they have.




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