Tuesday, November 4, 2014



I finally got your package and letters!! Got them last week!  OH HAPPY DAY!!!

So this past week was pretty good! We are finding more and more families, it's great, now they just need to get baptized haha working on that.... Saturday was nuts, every single one of our appointments fell, even the back ups, and i mean every single one! We walked so much because we contacted the whole day, taught a few lessons, this was an opportunity to find the Lords elect, but despite our failure I had this energy and happiness like this spirit high, it was great, in all honesty it was a great day! Oh yeah this past week was my comps birthday, I made her a card and breakfast, and i had gotten her a little something, some nail polish (purple her fave color) and a cute bracelette, and hershey kisses and snickers. She loved it!  it made me happy to see her happy, I'm glad i could do something for her. We celebrated with the district the following day when we had district meeting, we got some cake. Also this weekend was dia de los muertos, on saturday morning right before lunch we went to the cemetary, to check what was happening. Families gather to pay respects to their dead loved ones, they were there decorating their graves painting them and all that good stuff, and we got some dulces de leche y coco, pretty delicious. That night, we saw kids and families walking around with lit pumpkin lanterns, some dressed up, getting candy, but we didn't see where they were getting their candy tho, but it was their version of trick or treating, and the kids were chanting something, ishcaba de la calavera or algo asi haha. Didn't see much happen on sunday. But yesterday after lunch, me and my comp went to a meeting at the church and one of the area 70 spoke! his name is Elder Morales, he spoke directly to the missionaries for like an hour and a half, it was great because he pumped me up! Also it was really cool, because he expressed some of the same ideas I had expressed to my comp before in our weekly planning so I turned to her and said "que te dije?" what did i tell you? haha received some revelation haha Also this meeting was an answer to my prayers, because i have desires to change the Rama (branch) of Benito and help my area more, but I can't do it by myself I need the members help, and so Elder Morales talked to the leaders of the church there, that they need to work with us missionaries more and that we need to be making changes. Seriously, inspiration/answer, it was wonderful! haha This past week seriously flew by like a snap, it made me sad because that means this transfer is going by, and theres so much i want to do and so many people i want to work with and help but there is so little time!! I was told the beginning months were slow and then from there it goes by fast. nope, not for me! It´s all going by so fast!! maybe in the middle it will be slow, or not, but its ridonculous! i need a pause button or something. But otherwise things are going well here in san benito, siempre animada y tratando a trabajar tan duro con mi companera, somos un bueno equipo. (Always of good cheer and trying to work hard together with my companion, we are a good team).

Y si mama im making friends in my district, theres a new elder fresh from the ccm in my district and im trying to talk to him to make him feel comfortable because he doesnt really know spanish and i feel bad when everyone is speaking spanish, but its a good thing there are a few english speakers in my district, and his trainer (our DL) can speak some, but he seems to be enjoying it all.
Poptum is like 2 hours from where i am.

Oh yes, i need some more malarial meds, i think i only i have one more month left of them. And i got a notice, that if parents are sending christmas packages to send them now, or asap because last year there was robbing going on and a lot of packages got stolen (remember big pictures of jesus will help, haha maybe...) But thank you so much for your love!! I love mail (i now know what you mean) I know i can always count on you mommy!!  Your the bestest! Send my love to the Fam.! and this is for lily:
FELIZ CUMPLEANOS LILY!!!! TE AMO MUCHISIMO! espero que tengas una buenisima dia, y que todos sus deseos llegar a ser reales, te extrano y cuidese especialmente de los chicos ;p broma jaja pero seriamente.... Saludos de Guatemala y que dios te bendiga!! Con Amor hermana riley 

Well i love you guys super much!!! send some pics please, from halloween, and does alex have his senior pics? pics pics pics por favor!!!
MUcho Amor!!
hermana riley



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