Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hola mommy!!!! estoy en el ccm, (TRANSLATION) I am at the MTC (Missionary Training Center), wow I am sooo excited to be here!!! it'ls great to be back in Guatemala, I LOVE IT, it is like home away from home! I have made it safely, got all my luggage, they allowed us to sleep a few hours (because of the overnight flight) and that was great! met with the Mission President. I am in my district now, they are so cool, I am with two other Sisters...Sister Weicks and Sister Furniss but I am probably going to be moved with the natives since I am pretty good with my spanish. Funny thing they call the missionaries from the States "Los nortes" ( trans/The northerns) and the spanish speakers "Las nativas" (The Natives) hahaha. Ok only have five minutes for today, but I've heard so many cool stories! Oh yeah, you forgot to put my immunization record in my bag but that's ok. I saw Scotty and Jayden. I love it here so much! can't wait to go out and work! I love you mommy!! say hi and send my love to the family!! I will have more time next time but I wanted to let you know how I was doing. This is definitely the place where I am supposed to be! TE AMO MWAAH

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